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Obama February 4, 2009

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So my best friend posted about Obama today and I didn’t want to litter her comments with my thoughts so I thought I’d just write about it here.

Here are my thoughts about Obama’s presidency thus far:

1. I don’t agree with the funding for overseas abortions.  Not because I’m pro-life or pro-choice, I’m actually in between there which is another post entirely.  I just don’t think we need to send ANY money overseas!!

2. On his economic stimulus I am totally un-decided.  I think spending the kind of money he’s talking about spending is terrifying in our already depressed economy.  I fully believe we are in a full depression in many areas of the US so while I get the basis behind his bill and thought process, it terrifies me.  The things I don’t necessarily like in it:

  • I think there is a big misconception regarding some of the mining, etc…  I live in a state with a decent economy.  I wouldn’t say thriving because we are feeling some of it so we’re not un-phased.  The reason our economy is managing  is simple, we are the “Energy Capital of the Nation”.  We have methane drilling, oil, and coal.  I wish Obama would visit our city.  Our air is clean, our ground is clean and green.  Our coal mines are above ground, we don’t have pollution, we don’t have emissions testing or anything to that effect.  They mine an area, then re-plant it, the area comes back much healthier.  Methane runoff water is very clean, it’s not filthy like some suggest.  I’m not sure there is such a thing as “clean coal” if there is we have it.  It’s not like the strip mining of the past, they are regulated and must return the Earth to its natural state or better when they move.
  • I am not a fan of handing out more checks to the American people.  History has shown they won’t use it wisely.  Those who are wise are going to put it toward a bill or save it.  The majority will take it to Wal-Mart and buy a big screen TV built in Taiwan, or worse they’ll cash it and spend it on Meth.  I think it’s throwing good money down the toilet.
  • I am all for creating jobs, but what happens when the building is done?  Those people are again un-employed.  He’s talking about creating jobs that will require intensive training to be able to accept.  Someone who’s worked for GM for 30 years is not going to be able to jump right in to a job using computers in a government building.

I don’t have many more thoughts on it.  It’s not all bad, but those are the things that concern me about the bill.

3. I agree with the closing of the prison but I don’t want them on American soil…  I believe we shouldn’t torture them and oversight is desperately needed, but please don’t bring them here!!  Plus the people they are detaining in large part are or were a part of an organization who killed HUGE numbers of Americans on American soil.  They aren’t remorseful…  I don’t think we’re going to solve anything moving them, people are still going to hate them no matter where you are.  Oversight in my opinion would be a better option.

4. I am happy to see him surrounding himself with staff and advisors with experience, he acknowledges he needs help and I REALLY admire that!!

All in all I am not horribly opposed to him.  I never really was.  I didn’t vote for him and am not sure I would change that now, but it could have been worse.

I am not liberal and I am not conservative, I consider myself moderate.  I believe he is very liberal so I am always going to disagree with some of what he does, but over all he hasn’t done anything to make me stand up and say “oh crap!”  😉

One thing I will say, I think we are seeing a future administration as well.  I think they are setting up Hillary’s administration in 8 years…  I think the democrats have the first African American in office which is just amazing!  In 8 years I think we’ll see them put the first woman in office, or at the very least try to.  I am glad to be alive in a time when so many barriers are being broken down and I am happy to see my children raised in a country that can break down those barriers.

Because this is already really long, I’ll save my ideas on what I wish the administration would focus on, for tomorrow 😉


5 Responses to “Obama”

  1. Terra Says:

    First, I appreciate this post. The idea of not knowing what to do with some of those people wasn’t something I thought about. (However, my concern is more over the ones that have no evidence against them at all.)

    I do disagree with the jobs though, as quite a few create stable jobs that will stay. Say transport, after it is done bus drivers are still needed, upkeep and so on… 😉

  2. Steph Says:

    While I agree, I think you have to consider the jobs as a whole… Let’s look at it this way:

    Mr. X has worked for GM his entire life. He makes 100k a year, is unionized, has a retirement plan, and works minimal hours.

    Do you suppose Mr. X is going to go out and take a job as a bus driver, or construction worker in a field where the union won’t cover his a@@? Is he qualified to run the new computers in government buildings? Is he going to go back to school to learn?

    Just a thought 😉

    People have to WANT to take the jobs he’s creating. My concern is they don’t/won’t. They aren’t going to find a job where they can strike for higher wages with union backing, they’re going to find a job where they have to work their butts off for a lot less pay…

    My guess is Mr. X is going to stay on un-employment and do so legally because he’s not required to apply for jobs lesser than the job he lost…

  3. Terra Says:

    I am not so sure. Dust lost a 100K a year job, and he took at 24-36 (I have high hopes for the summer) job. The 24K is still a hell of a lot better than the pay from unemployment.

    I do understand where you are coming from, I would feel that way if I had to go back to work after all this schooling. Since I only have my associates I couldn’t get crap for it, but I would feel that way of going back to something like the short stop (and I have no desire to be a cop.)

    I would do it if I had to though. There are hundreds of people with degrees in business working at places like McDonald’s though. (I did a report on that when I took advertising, back when I was doing accounting.) It seems to me most people will take a job over no job at all.

    Plus most (not all of course) of the people that have lost their jobs don’t have a skill that isn’t so specialized it is as bad as not having a skill. Dust is that way, he has been doing the job he has. He has the experience, training (similar to mine training but he had to do more than just the MSHA), and so forth to work as an operator. However, if he wanted to do anything else he just doesn’t have the skills. (Not saying he couldn’t do it, just that it would be a miracle for anyone to want to give him the chance.)

    Now that my tired, had 3 hours of sleep said all that I hope it makes just a little bit of sense 😉

  4. abunslife Says:

    thanks for your kind words. It means a lot!!

  5. Mike Says:

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