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I took the plunge! May 30, 2010

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I moved my blog to my own domain.  I am still trying to figure out how the heck to redirect it so until then please just go to: http://www.fromunderthepiles.com

Make sure to update your subscriptions!!  Sorry for the being a pain!!  I do hope you’ll join me!


Randomness April 30, 2010

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It is snowing today and of course the wind is blowing.  A couple of weeks ago we had days in the 70’s and Elizabeth and I spent a lot of time at the park.  The last two weeks it’s been windy, rainy, cold or dreary and now it’s snowing.  Wow I love Wyoming in the Spring!  We have cabin fever big time.

The man who bought our house has completed the re-construction.  They offered to give us a tour.  I am the ONLY one not interested.  Joe hooked some friends of ours up with our realtor’s information because they’re looking for a rental.  They are going to look at our old house because it’s close to town, work, etc…  There. is. not. enough. Klonopin. in. the. world. people.  My state of mind is so much better than it was but I still struggle and I still require anti-anxiety meds to sleep without nightmares.  I can not imagine what would happen if I went over there.  PTSD patients don’t get “cured” they go in to remission.  The smallest of things can trigger a relapse.  I am almost positive going back in that house (rebuilt or not) would trigger a relapse.  No, thanks!

Elizabeth hasn’t tried to escape the loony bin again.  I don’t think it’s because her escape attempt scared her, I think it’s because the weather has been too nasty.  Thanks Mother Nature!

Joey keeps bringing home projects for school.  I am sick of them.  He had to build a wire.  Then he had to bring home a book of like 175 science experiments and choose one to do.  I am not a “project” kind of mom.  I am NOT crafty or artistic, the day they built me they skipped the creativity aisle completely.  Hopefully we can find step by step instructions on the net that even I can’t screw up!

Also they are going to the local museum for some pioneer thing.  This school (or the teachers I’m not sure which) are all about role playing and creativity.  Great, I’m all for that.  A couple of months ago he had to dress up like Abraham Lincoln for a play.  Now he has to dress like a pioneer child would dress for this trip.  He also has to pack a lunch, but it can’t just be a sandwich and fruit.  It has to be a “pioneer lunch”.  They sent home a list of foods pioneer children probably ate.  I’m not even sure we can find some of this stuff here this time of year.  Also?  No brown bags or lunch boxes.  We have to use a “pioneer lunch box” so they’re sending home some can we are supposed to attach a wire to and stick his lunch in there.  Of course it goes without saying they didn’t have bottled juices, milk cartons, etc… in pioneer days.  I have NO idea what to send for him to drink or what to contain it in.  My favorite part of the whole thing?  His interpretation of what he’s going to wear… “hey mom, I get to dress like a hooligan for once without you making me go change”.  Awesome!  We recently watched “Where the Red Fern Grows” one of my all time favorite books and it was interesting the movie was on because I had just suggested the book to Joey and then it was on.  Anyway when the boy goes to the city to pick up his pups, he packs bread and dried salt pork.  He drinks from a well in the city.  Do you think the teachers would be impressed if I sent Joey with a loaf of bread and some jerky and told him to drink from the hose?

Elizabeth wanted peanut butter toast for breakfast.  I was all “OK” it’s better than what she usually chooses (Oreo cookie Pop-Tarts anyone?).  Then she says “I need chips with my sammich”.  I can’t fault her 3 year old logic.  “Sammiches” at lunch come with chips, if she’s gonna eat a “sammich” for breakfast why shouldn’t she get chips?  I gave her tortilla chips.  Hopefully that’s less of a fail than if I’d given her Cheetos.  They’re made with corn and all that!

Another blogger wrote a post yesterday that really offended me.  I’m not gonna link to her because I’m not giving her the traffic.  She’s a pretty popular blogger I think although I’ve been reading her for a while and don’t much care for her.  Anyway, her post was about PR and at one point she quoted an article from a while back that suggested everyone should have a blog.  She disagrees with this for various reasons, she said not everyone can write, entertain an audience, and/or is relevant.  I disagree with that in so many ways.  If everyone wants a blog then more power to them!  If they like to write out their thoughts and they like to read them then they are relevant and have an audience.  It may not be the type of audience this blogger is referencing but it’s a valid audience none the less.  Lots of blogs start off as a way to keep long distance relatives up to speed on their family’s doings.  How is that not relevant?  I’m probably over-reacting but it really made me scratch my head that she thinks she’s the czar of blogging and what’s relative.


Wow I am the worst blogger EVER October 15, 2009

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I am such a bad blogger I couldn’t even remember my password!  How bad is that?!  I just don’t have much to say so I am sparing you all the boring repertoire that would be going up here!

So to give you a little snippet so you don’t all write me off completely, things my kids have said that made me scratch my head:

Elizabeth (age 3)

I am NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER going to use the potty (she’s not kidding either she won’t budge)

Isn’t she beautiful? (Referring to her Tinkerbell doll)

Fight, fight, fight (at the UW/MSU hockey game)

The kitty LOVES me (as she hauls her around by her throat)

Joey (age 9)

Choir is for girls MOM (referring to the extra curricular choir at his school)

I didn’t do it (constantly lately even when there’s evidence to the contrary)

But MOM, that isn’t homework it’s a FUN sheet I took off the fun table (well if you took it off of there you obviously wanted to do it so get to it)

I know it’s a boring post but it’s all I can come up with today!  I promise better posts down the line!


Real Moms Helping Real Moms April 19, 2009

I am blogging at a new blog as well, it can be found HERE.  I am trying to get help and offer some advice at the same time.  I hope it works!


Thank you all and I could use some ideas… September 17, 2008

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Thank you to each and every person who has commented or sent me either postal mail, e-mail, comments, or called me.  Each and every one of you have lifted my spirits, often at times I needed it the very most!!!

Also, I am finding the title of my blog to be a painful reminder of what we’ve lost so I need a fun new title, and could really use some ideas!!  Please, any ideas you can think of would be SO much appreciated, truly!   Even if it’s totally silly, really, the sillier the better at this point, because right now it’s kind of like a knife in my heart when I log in.


It’s a once in a lifetime event August 15, 2008

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So I know you are all thinking “we go months with no posts from her and now she won’t STFU” but in all honesty I am bored silly and the only other option is cleaning my absolutely disgutstingly filthy house (and no there are no pictures forthcoming because someone would so call Child Protective Services if they saw what’s in my kitchen sink a foot from the dishwasher).  So in honor of my insane procrastination some random thoughts running through my head right now:

1. Why can’t Disney channel make new episodes of their shows?  Honestly, how many times do we need to see the same episode of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”??  Just because the world’s 8-year-old’s don’t mind watching the same episodes a million and ten times (and that’s not an exaggeration) couldn’t you take some kind of pity on the parents who are forced to sit in the same room??

2. WHY is it that in my every day life I have a mouth that will put a sailor to shame and I can’t bring myself to write a dirty word on my blog??  I can cuss around my mom, my dad, etc… (and vice versa btw, it’s not in a disrespectful way we are just a cussing family and wow that sounds bad!) but I can’t liberate myself enough to drop the “F-Bomb” on my little slice of cyberspace?  I think it’s one of my other odd quirks that has to do with needing everyone to love me, even complete strangers.  What the fuck is wrong with me?  (HA! I did it, no hate mail please you’ll make me cry!!)

3. Have you ever just wanted to reach out and touch a total stranger?  I so have that with some of the writers of blogs I read.  They are absolutely amazing!  They write and people aren’t bored?  I so want to be like a total teenager and say “dude you so totally rock can I touch you just once?!”.  Then I know they would totally look at me like “I knew you were a freaking nut job just from reading your blog so I’ll be quietly releasing you from my leg now and gracefully walking away and tomorrow you’ll be on my blog as the freak I ran in to in the grocery store who totally went nuts on me”.

4. I have seen a lot of posts about toilets and public toilets and toilet neuroses this week.  This is awesome to me because I have such a million neuroses about public toilets.  And not just one, but there are a zillion reasons the damn things just make me want to harf.  I truly feel like I need to take a bath in Clorox when I just think about entering a public toilet.  Most of this comes from Tyra Banks so thank you to her for that, I never watch talk shows but one day she had a show about germs and I literally had to throw out half of my house after that!

5. I also have grocery store neuroses, Wal-Mart neuroses, restaurant neuroses, etc…  it all centers around how gross humanity truly is.  I mean seriously, I live in a filthy house but it’s OK because the filth is created by my kids and my family.  When I am in the grocery store and the woman in front of me has a toddler with green snot oozing from her nose and she’s letting her touch the vegetables, WTF??  Am I really that crazy to just be totally revolted by this?!  If this was me I would have not gone to the grocery store that day or I would have taken tissues and anti-bacterial wipes and kept Elizabeth’s green snot away from the general public.  It’s called courtesy people and not just courtesy but common sense!?

6. On the subject of toilets and neuroses I was just reading another blog that asked for neuroses.  I was so relieved to see one commenter has to check the toilet before sitting down so a snake doesn’t bite her on the ass.  I so LOVED that because I do the same thing, but not because of snakes, I do it because of spiders.  I also poor bleach down the tub drain and sink drain before I will go near them because spiders are the creepiest little bastards and they like dark, damp areas.  This equals toilets, tubs, sinks, and bathrooms people?!  UGH!!  I get that they kill bugs, I do and I am about sick of the flies right now so I am almost marginally thankful for the spiders outside trapping one of the billion flies in my yard.  But not thankful enough to want the creepy little things in my house, in my bathroom, or anywhere near my toilet?!

7. My husband has a thing for shiny things.  The problem is shiny things of good quality are expensive and he has what my mom likes to call “champagne taste on a beer budget”.  His answer to this problem?  Home Depot!  So he goes to Home Depot and buys shiny things for the bathroom, kitchen, etc…  We’re talking a shiny chrome over the toilet shelving unit, a shiny chrome shower curtain, a toilet seat with some kind of medal and wood on it that doesn’t match any of the previously mentioned shiny things.   One problem with this.  Know what happens to cheap knock off shiny things when exposed to water?  Yup you guessed it, they rust!  So now my bathroom is rust and chrome, all except the toilet seat which when exposed to water, chemicals, and urine (hello boys in the house) turns guess what color?  GREEN!  OMFG!!  Know what I’m doing when I stop procrastinating?  Changing the toilet seat out for a plain old white one!  Know what my next purchase at Wal-Mart will be?? (and this is because I have to brave the germs to get birthday party supplies btw) Plastic shower curtain rods, shower curtain clips, and over the toilet shelving unit.  I can’t take it anymore.  It’s absolutely disgusting!!

Now that you are all so illuminated and thinking “if this is what runs through her head she is completely bat shit crazy and I really hope we don’t bump in to each other at the grocery store because I would hate for her to hump my leg in public” (it’s OK I know you’re thinking it).  I am off to tear apart the bathroom!


My top 5 Slacker Mommy Moments this Week August 9, 2008

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Slacker-Mom dared us to post our top 5 slacker mom moments of the week and I think I can do that 🙂

1. I had to dishes today because every single cup, bowl, and plate in the house was in the sink or on the counter because we ate frozen pizzas, sandwiches, etc… all week when we bothered to eat at home and I didn’t feel like putting them in the dishwasher so they piled up until we were completely out.  I have one more load to go because it wouldn’t all fit in the dishwasher.

2. We went to the lake on Wednesday and I have yet to wash the bathing suits and towels.  They are in the washer which I ran a hot rinse cycle on to wash out lake grungies but somehow putting soap and fabric softener in is too much trouble.

3. I was tired yesterday and Elizabeth wasn’t so I put the gate up in the living room, turned on “Cars” and gave her some Chex Mix so I could lay on the couch and rest on the couch.  (Living room is the only truly kid proofed room in the house)

4. I have my niece and nephew over for the weekend and I knew I’d have to feed all 4 kids all weekend so last night I ordered $50 worth of pasta, breadsticks, and pizza from Pizza Hut to use as leftovers.

5. Elizabeth is such an outside kid she’s always filthy, her clothes are always filthy, her face, hands, feet, shoes, etc… so the last two days I haven’t even gotten her dressed, she’s played outside in a t-shirt, sandals, and a diaper.  (Just the backyard people!)  We have big trees so the backyard is pure shade, no having to worry about sun.  I use the spray sunscreen I don’t have to rub in, put a t-shirt and sandals on her and turn her loose.  Less laundry that way.

So, those are my top 5 although I’m sure there are many more this week that would make you want to nominate me for Mommy of the Year!  What are yours?