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Making the move March 4, 2008

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I guess we are moving.  Those of you who know me know this is a BIG deal for me.  I am a hometown girl through and through.  I moved to Colorado to live with my grandma when I was 17 but I couldn’t stand being that far away from my mom.  Considering my grandma and I are very close, that didn’t leave me feeling like I would manage other moves very well.  So for me to marry a “big city boy” probably made little sense to those around me.  I think Joe has had itchy feet for a long time now but he knew I wasn’t ready.  I don’t know if I’m ready now, but ready or not…  They are building a new training center or expanding the current one, I’m not sure which, I’ve heard both.  But either way, they want us to move to Brighton, CO so he can teach from the center.  Basically we are looking at him being in Brighton 3 weeks out of 4 or us moving down there so he can work locally.  Obviously the latter is the better option.  I’ve honestly known it was coming for years.  Joe works for a worldwide service company and so far he’s taken jobs he can do from here while traveling to still move up the ladder, I’m not stupid, I’ve known a relocation was an eventuality, he really wants to move up in his company and he’s good at his job and his best friend moved 3 times, so it was just a matter of time.  I know I’ve repeated myself a bunch but I’m still convincing myself.  🙂

There are a lot of good things about moving to Brighton, just so I can come back and look to remind myself when I’m pulling my hair out, here they are:

1. Joey will do really well in a bigger school environment, they have A LOT of programs for gifted kids there, A LOT.  Here they only have a Summer program and a puny little program for kids once they are in 3rd grade.  Lots of gifted kids struggle here.  This is a biggie for me.

2. There is A LOT for the kids to do there, they can learn to ski (their dad’s first love), they can go to museums, the zoo, theme parks, theater, etc…  They will get to do SO much more than they will here

3. There are actual department stores there!!  I won’t have to drive two hours to shop for the kids!  YAY!!

4. Once again I mention the zoo, theaters, museum, etc… because I LOVE those things

5. I have LOTS of friends in the Denver area and a set of grandparents who are aging rapidly and could use the company, I definitely won’t be lonely

6. My “business” will do better there.  I sell a lot of animals in that area already, I will be able to do that without them having to drive 5 hours, and there’s DIA which has Continental (God bless Continental!!)

7. I told Joe I get my house with an outbuilding for my critters and some land so I can expand, that’s my one stipulation

8. It’s only 5 hours from home.  Since Randy died I’ve been terrified Joe was going to come home and want to move to Duncan, Oklahoma (ICK) to take his position.  Brighton is SO much more appealing to me.  I can be home in hours for a long weekend with my mom and dad and they can do the same to come see the kids.  Holidays are a non-issue since the drive isn’t bad, so barring weather, I won’t be away from my family on the holidays.

 So, that’s what I can think of right now.  I’m sure there are more but these come to mind immediately.  There are cons as well but I’m not going to list them because I’m trying to focus on the positives.  The biggest concern I have (aside from the cost of living being so much more) is the kids.  While there are A LOT of things to do there for them, it’s a big city atmosphere even in the suburbs so of course Columbine is on the tip of my mind, but we’ll just have to be careful to pick the best possible area and pray.  I think the world is at a point where our schools aren’t any safer, especially with the meth problems in our town now.  So I can’t really use that as a viable argument against.

To be honest I’m excited about it all.  It will be like a fresh start for us and it’s an adventure.  Joey’s really excited, Joe’s excited, so I am too.  Plus, it means Joe’s home every evening and one weekends rather than traveling so much, you can’t leave that out!

So, that’s what’s going on here.

There’s a lot to do to get ready.  Thankfully another couple Joe knows from Rock Springs moved down there a few months ago and they did all kinds of research on schools, doctors, etc… so that will help A LOT!!

Also, Halliburton makes our move very, very easy.  We get a “level 4” move which means they hire a company to come in, pack up our house, move it, and unpack it in Colorado.  They even put furniture back together that they’ve taken apart and hook up appliances, etc…  They don’t unpack things like dishes, but they put the boxes in whatever room we tell them too.  We are only responsible for firearms, things we can’t replace, and our animals.  The animals will be the biggest challenge, but true to form I already have a plan.  🙂  They also hire us realtors in both places and if our house here doesn’t sell they buy it for our asking price.  That’s very nice as well.

There are a few things to do around here before we list our house, it needs a fresh coat of paint on the outside, a new roof, and our deck and fence re-stained.  But we’ve re-modeled the entire house in the past few years so whoever buys it gets a house with all of the potential problems already taken care of.  We have quite a bit of equity in it right now, so I’m hoping we can make it visually appealing, put on the new roof, and come out of it with a nice downpayment for a place in Colorado. 

And in other news, my “aunt” died today.  My mom’s dad married a woman with 5 kids when my mom was about 10, so I have a very large blended family.  My aunt was suffering a disease that hardened her lungs.  The name escapes me right now.  My grandma is taking it really hard.  My mom’s birth sister died a few years ago and that was a blow to us all, but my grandma has lost 3 of her 5 kids.  My grandpa said today when they married there were 8 and now there are 4.  I can’t imagine what it must be like to outlive that many of your children.  😦  We’re concerned about my grandma.  Her health has been poor the last few years, she has diabetes among other problems and hasn’t aged well.  My grandpa is very concerned this will be too much for her.  They are flying out to California today but they were hoping to be there before my aunt passed, so it’s been really hard for my grandma.  Any prayers for my family would be much appreciated, especially for my grandma as she’s just not doing well and I don’t think I can take the loss of another grandparent this soon.