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I am SO livid!! April 10, 2007

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Oh my gosh!! This is a sort of update to my Tackle it Tuesday post, so if you haven’t read that you might want to do so for the back story…

My sister-in-law was supposed to be at the hospital at 6 AM. Yesterday he went ahead and stripped her membranes and she’s been contracting pretty much ever since. By 11 PM they were at 5 minutes but not real strong so she has just been waiting. She was getting out of the shower at 5:15 AM so she could head to the hospital for her induction when the L&D nurse called her to tell her… are you ready for this…

They can’t induce her because they filled up overnight! They had 3 patients in L&D who they were sure would go by 6 AM and haven’t and so they can’t induce her and she’ll have to wait until at least 2 PM. So my SIL says “why 2 PM?” She says “because we have more staff then”. Ummm… OK!! So, my SIL’s contractions are getting stronger and more painful anyway so she calls back up there a little while ago (3 hours later than when she was supposed to be induced in the first place) and do you know what the L&D nurse says? Drink two glasses of water over the next hour and lay on your left side and see what happens…

Ummm… these aren’t braxton hicks contractions lady!! What the heck??!! It’s not like it’s false labor. Yesterday she was at 4 and he stripped her membranes so it’s not like they’re going to stop for crying out loud!

So, apparently she has to cross her legs and suck it up until the L&D nurses have time to bother with her.

Can you tell I’m not happy??

This is SO wrong on SO many levels I can’t even get in to all of them for fear I’ll start swearing like a sailor and alienate my friends, family, and readers!


4 Responses to “I am SO livid!!”

  1. jdoriot Says:

    ohhh…this makes me mad too!! They have on-call nurses…get them in there. What about the PRN nurses…get them in there…sheesh…NUTS!!!

  2. Jen Says:

    Im praying
    these maybe silly ideas but would happen if she turned up on the hospitals doorstep?
    surely in labour they cant turn her away
    Im praying and will be checking back regularly
    It so isnt what your SIL needs right now arrrrrrrr

  3. Atasha Says:

    i don’t even know what to say. This is not acceptable. I am upset right along with you.

    I’ll be checking back.

    Prays to the family.

  4. Terra Says:

    I am so sorry! I feel for her, been there (almost) and hated it! She doesn’t need that at all. Please update ASAP, we are all worried!

    Love and hope going your way!


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