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It’s gone to the dogs! March 15, 2010

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One thing that comes along with pet ownership is destruction in varying levels!  My dogs spent most of the weekend stuck home alone while we were at the hockey tournament so they killed a couple of toys.  Stuffed animal dog toys are so much fun for the dogs (and the kids who love to play tug of war with them) but boy do they make a mess when they get killed!

The kids did AWESOME at hockey this weekend!  We won our first game in over time, it was a nail biter and a half, but we won!!  That clinched us an 11 game winning streak which was AWESOME to revel in!

After the game we all went out to dinner and closed down the restaurant and then we went to a little impromptu get together at one of the kid’s homes and we stayed out WAY too late!

Saturday we didn’t win our game but not for lack of effort!!  Our kids played EXTREMELY well and we fought to the last second but it was not to be.  We were playing the #2 team in the state for a chance at the Championship game, we’re extremely proud of our kids and their effort!!  They put all of their heart and soul in to that game!!

Saturday night we came home right after the last game and went to bed.  It was still a late night, the game didn’t end until 9:00 and by the time we got out of there and grabbed a bit to eat it was 10:00.  We were just exhausted!

Then on Sunday we had to be there at 7:00 and of course the time changed so we lost an hour of sleep on an already short night!  We played for the 3rd & 4th place spots on Sunday.  Unfortunately the #1 team in the state going in to the tournament lost their game on Saturday as well so we ended up playing them.  They are really, REALLY a good team so we were excited to play them again.  We played them about 8 times this season in scrimmages, state games, and tournaments.  We beat them twice and after that they just blew us all out of the water!  I was sad to see their undefeated season come to an end on Saturday.  I really wanted to see them in the Championship game!!  State is funny that way!  One game can make or break an entire season’s worth of work!

So we put up another GREAT fight, we started the game up 2 points but they didn’t go unanswered.  They scored 4 points in a row putting them up by 2.  Our lead scorer scored in the last 50 seconds to bring us to a 1 point differential!  It was a nail biter!!  He had the puck on a breakaway in the final seconds and was in their zone but he collided with another player and that was it.

Once again we fought to the end and they kept us on the edge of our seats!!  The coaches of the other team told me afterward they were really sweating us!  That’s all we can ask for!  We may not win but we’re not giving it away!

I really think this tournament shocked a lot of people.  We were the underdogs going in.  We had a rocky start to our season with the kids having to start playing games right away and not getting the time to practice and come together as a team before we just jumped in.  Then we had a couple of weeks off and we came back fighting!  That would be the beginning of what ended up being an 11 game winning streak!  (I know I said it before but I am so proud I can’t help it!!)

All in all to come in to the tournament in 3rd place in our division and be able to finish 4th in the state out of 6 teams, we can’t complain!

Next up we travel to Anaheim for our last tournament of the season!  We have two weeks off to get ready and we can’t wait!!  We really have NO idea what to expect from the other teams but in looking at the standings we think we can be competitive!  The biggest challenge for our kids will be playing as a “new” team.  We had so many kids this year we had to split them in to two teams, east and west respectively.  They have practiced together all year but they have only two scrimmages under their belts actually playing together.  The first game they had to get their bearings and they won but it was a tough game.  The second game they came together and won by a large margin.  They have the ability to do it, they just have to want it.

Either way we are going to have a BLAST getting to see teams from all over the West coast play.  There are 22 teams total from all over the place!  I think we are coming from the farthest point distance wise, so it’s going to be really fun!

I can’t wait for Cali but at the same time I am sad to go because that will officially end our season and this has by far been the most fun I’ve had in my years as a hockey mom!  It’s definitely bittersweet, but what a way to end!


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  1. shylocke Says:

    Your FS family misses you dearly steph.

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