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A new day a new world? March 11, 2010

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I love the morning after a good snowstorm.  Everything is so fresh and pretty.  It’s like waking up to a whole new world!  For just a few moments you can almost imagine you’re in an alternate reality where only peace and harmony reign.  Then the 3-year-old says “I need cereal” and it all crumbles!  Real life comes knocking without fail!

Unfortunately it’s supposed to be warm for the next several days so that pristine white will soon be a muddy, mucky mess!  We didn’t get a huge amount of snow which is really starting to annoy me.  This is Wyoming!  We’re supposed to have the storms the East coast is getting!  WTH?  I’m sure there’s an appropriate global warming quip that goes here but I’m  just not grasping it!

I am thinking I am going to change-up my routine in a few weeks.  Right now my day starts out the same always:

7:30 up and out of bed

7:35 Coffee is ready

7:35-? A few minutes of silence before Elizabeth wakes up.  Usually if I’m tired it’s a few seconds.  If I wake up refreshed and ready to go she’ll sleep in.  Go figure.

7:45 Start trying to wake Joey up

7:45-8:39 Try not to kill Joey as he won’t be ready until 8:38 and the bus comes at 8:39.  He’s a boy!  He takes a shower at night before bed!  All he has to do is roll out of bed, get dressed, and stuff something wholly unhealthy in his mouth before school.  WHAT is so difficult about this?!

8:40-? Read the news twitter, and the tabloid websites while Elizabeth watches Disney channel and also eats something horribly unhealthy for breakfast.  Today it was Cheerios though so I win!

Usually I get about 20-30 minutes there before she’s off and running and in to everything she’s not supposed to be in to.  Most days I have hockey e-mails to attend to during this time frame as well.

From there our day is totally unstructured and I usually spend the time trying to avoid doing anything worthwhile.  I’ll walk right past the 3 baskets of laundry I need to fold.  I’ll shut the door on Elizabeth’s bedroom because the tornado struck there again.  Amazing how tornados are so good at choosing their targets isn’t it?  They can avoid the entire house and hit just her bedroom!  Generally her brother’s too but he’s 10 so it’s his problem.  Hers I will eventually clean when I can’t stand it anymore.  I’ll ignore the laundry that should go in the washer and the dishes that need to go in the dishwasher and I’ll check the news twitter and my friends’ Facebook statuses about 5 more times.  Then by that time I’ve managed to fully avoid doing anything worthy and WHOOPS it’s nap time!  Elizabeth won’t go down unless I lay with her which generally leads to us both falling asleep.

Some days I really mix it up and I’ll close the door on Elizabeth’s mess before walking past the laundry.

So you see dear internets, I am stuck in a rut of slackerness (yes that’s a word the spell checker lies) and I am actually quite pathetic.  I think if you look up slacker or lazy on Wiki you’ll probably find my picture.  (Let me know if it’s a good one if you go look!)

I’m thinking by writing it all out and putting my pathetic self out there I’ll be motivated to be less inclined.

Right now I’m thinking I should really run the vacuum and I may actually get up and do it!  But I do have a long-term plan in mind…

I think all of the inactivity has led to tedium and I need something to motivate me to get up and out.  Our county just built this amazing new recreation facility.  It’s not open for a couple more weeks but when it does open it’s only about 2 miles from my house.  They put in a really nice daycare facility for members and offer lots of classes at various times.  I am limited in what classes I can take until my foot is fully healed and even then I’m not sure I won’t be limited some, but I LOVE water aerobics and that I can do!  So I’m thinking I’ll find a mid-morning class I can attend after Joey hits the bus and see if the morning activity with actual adults doesn’t do me some good.  I think it will be good for Elizabeth too, she’ll be able to go and play with other kids for an hour or so without having to sit through story time at the library (which she does NOT enjoy).

I think after changing up our routine in that way the possibilities are really endless.  If we get out of this rut of nothingness I may even start folding that laundry when it comes out of the dryer!  This is a big deal ya’ll!


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  1. wickedwickedwitch Says:

    Life is hard.

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