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Look at those pearly whites February 2, 2009

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I think I have the only 2 year old ever to throw tantrums over WANTING to brush her teeth!  She loves it, she would brush them all day long.  She’s been that way for about a year.  Too bad her brother is the exact opposite!

I am an epic failure at potty training.  My puppy won’t potty train.  She does OK during the day because I let her out every 20 minutes, but she has an accident every single night.  She’s a serious mama’s girl so I don’t dare kennel her, no one would ever get any sleep!  But I can’t break her of the occasional accident.  I miss my doggie door!

Elizabeth won’t potty train either.  I set her on her potty chair over and over, I take her in there with me when I go and set her on the chair.  She doesn’t get it.  Joey was the exact same way.  I had visions of him going to kindergarten in diapers I swear.  Elizabeth is even more determined to NOT potty train than Joey was.  At her age Joey would at least attempt to go.  She flat won’t.  She hates when her diapers are soiled but she won’t go potty.  Pull Ups and underwear don’t cut it either, she’ll just come tell you after she’s gone.

It’s another Monday and I have a zillion things I should be doing, I should probably go do at least one of them. I think I’ll clean Elizabeth’s room today, you can’t walk through there and she has no clue what toys she even has.  The only time she cares about her toys is if the puppy chews on one.

PS/I wasn’t going to write about this, but it’s Hedgehog Day.  Happy Hedgehog day to everyone!  Those of you with hedgehogs please snuggle them for me!  Today I am very sad, it’s the first Hedgehog Day in 6 years I am spending without my hedgehogs.  The history of “Hedgehog Day” for those that are interested: http://www.hedgehogcentral.com/hedgehogday.shtml

Groundhogs are a knock off…


5 Responses to “Look at those pearly whites”

  1. Ranisa Says:

    Potty training…..for the animals….kennel, kennel, kennel….or shorten a lease and let him out half way through the night. They will not go in a small confinded space. For the kids….I am a firm believer in the “they will do it when they want to”. I don’t make any my kids. We talk about it. Try it when they are ready. I think the more you push the more they dig their heals in. I have late potty-trainers…..but no headache. I love my way. I asked the kids doc when they are about that age and every single one of them as said “Do you want to give yourself a headache? Wait until they are ready.” I’ve heard of someone saying it took a year for their kid…..put them back in diapers it doesn’t take a year……maybe a week when they are ready.

  2. abunslife Says:

    If it’s late, I’ll admit it, I will skip the brushing, but nooooo Olivia will wait until stories are read, songs are sung and cuddles are cuddled and THEN she will insist on brushing her teeth because, “Mommy we HAVE to brush our teeth every single day!” I hate it when I am right, then that makes her right.

  3. Terra Says:

    ROFL sounds like my kind of girl, brush those teeth!!! I know you said no already, but Ranissa is right on the puppy. (I think the worst part is you know that too.) 😉

    Good luck on the potty training of the kids, until we can lock them in a kennel at night I can’t help…

    • Steph Says:

      I know I should kennel her at night but she likes to sleep with Jazz and she would cry all night which would keep us all up. I’d rather shampoo the carpet in the morning, seriously.

      @Ranisa – I feel the same way about potty training, I didn’t sweat Joey over much, I wanted him to potty train cuz I was sick of diapers and pull ups! But when he was ready he just went. I just feel like I’m an awful parent because BOTH of my kids just aren’t interested! LOL

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