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11 Reasons I hate going to the store February 1, 2009

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Keep in mind I shop at Super Wal-Mart because I loathe shopping and refuse to go to more than one store…

10. Rude Adults who cut you off, bang in to your cart, and run over your foot and can’t be bothered to acknowledge you, let alone apologize.

9. Rude Kids who do the same as the adults above (think they’re related?)

8.  Adults who let their rude kids play smash up derby with shopping carts in the middle of the aisle

7. Wholesome foods like lean meat, fresh produce, cheese, eggs, etc… cost a fortune and are crappy quality while “look mom the Swiss Rolls, Cheetos, and Fruit Roll-Ups are buy one get one free”

6. The apparent lack of employees available in the store to help you find the item you need when it’s not where it says it should be

5. The apparent inability to stock the shelves regularly

4. Germs – people are gross, there just is NOT enough Clorox in the world, and of course bathing in it would be an off label use

3. The apparent inability to fully man the cash registers, or better yet just man half of them with people who actually care that you want to get checked out and home BEFORE the milk you paid $5 for spoils

2. All of the junk stuffed on the shelves at the checkout stand your 2 year old will just KNOW she has to have

1. The inevitable meltdown your two year old will have at the checkout stand over the items above such as chap stick, processed meat sticks (WTH?), Lollipops, and the flashlights with cartoon characters on them

And the all time biggest reason:

The buttheads who will look at you and said 2 year old with disdain like you somehow planned this tantrum ahead of time (and possibly even paid her to throw it), picked the slowest check out line with the 16 year old who hates his job intentionally, and can somehow magically end said tantrum.


7 Responses to “11 Reasons I hate going to the store”

  1. Ranisa Says:

    LOVE this rant! Personally I stopped shopping at walmart for all of the same reasons. REALLY it isn’t that way everywhere. It is just walmart. Okay okay sometimes I go just because it is super close but really I end up swearing that I will NEVER go there again……they don’t deserve Kris hard earned money, that I spend. When I go to do big shopping I NEVER go to walmart…..the meat and produce is horrible….or at least the produce is. I have never been there and gotten everything on my list. AND half the stuff on my list they don’t even carry! So I go someplace an additional 2 miles away (I know far huh?) and love it! You guys should get a Woodman’s……Love Woodman’s it isn’t a one stop shop place just grocies….but the best gorcery store every and way cheap!

    • Steph Says:

      We have Albertson’s and Smith’s and Wal-Mart. Being as they all base their prices on the economy of the area it doesn’t matter where I go, it all costs a fortune. Being in Wyoming the chances of getting any kind of decent produce are completely nil. Drives me nuts!! We pay double because we have a “healthy economy” and yet we get the same crappy produce everyone else gets. I don’t buy meat in a store, we get our meat locally usually from a rancher or a 4-H kid. I refuse to buy store bought meat if at all possible, it’s all factory farmed and the animals are tortured and shot up with antibiotics and growth hormones. BLECH

  2. Terra Says:

    I am with you, if I shop at walmart (and it isn’t an “I need it right now” thing) I do it at http://www.walmart.com. I won’t buy the food though, the beef isn’t even from America most of the time and I have to support my well-to-do relatives 😉

    I have to go to Walmart on Wednesday though, my mouse died and I am so not waiting a week (that is what I get for living no-where) for it!!!

    • Steph Says:

      See, I don’t buy store bought meat, so that’s not a concern I have. Occasionally I go to Albertsons for chicken or pork but I have a half a beef and half a hog in the freezer so I haven’t bought meat… I hate store bought meat, it’s all factory farmed, tortured animals. I refuse if at all possible.

  3. Nicole Says:

    I often feel guilty opening packages of food so my kid can have some string cheese or something instead of causing a fit in the store.

    • Steph Says:

      OMG I open stuff too. It seems there’s NEVER a good time to go to the store. If you wait til after nap time they are wound up and need everything they see. If you go before nap time it’s before lunch and they are starving. Elizabeth wanted to open hot dogs the other day?! WTH? I hit the bakery freebie cookie section first thing.

  4. Terra Says:

    Well once I get around to buying a freezer (and maybe some place to put it?) I would love to not buy my meat at the store any more. Not really an option without a freezer though 😉

    I agree on the fruits and veggies too. I bought a cucumber, and went to put it in a salad the next day and it was bad. The next day!!!

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