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She ate the cake January 30, 2009

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So I haven’t written much because I just can’t bring myself to blog about the never ending disaster that is life after the fire.  I don’t want to seem like I’m looking for sympathy or draw attention to my mess because so many have it worse than we do.  Unfortunately it’s been all consuming lately, so instead of writing about it I will just say, if you have Allstate insurance and your house burns down, make sure it isn’t something so difficult as an electrical fire.  Apparently the fire department’s reports are worthless in a fire and the insurance company will spend as much time as they like determining the “cause and origin” of the fire before settling your claim.  At 5+ months you’ll have to retain an attorney because they will have broken the policy requirement that they settle in 45 days or less.  They will however hold you to every single piece of fine print in said policy.

Now on to better things…

Elizabeth ate my cake, I made a cake, I was craving cake, we were going to eat the cake together (all of us).  No I wasn’t gonna eat the whole cake myself, not that I haven’t considered it!  While it was cooling before I could frost it, she took it off the counter and ate it.  She is SO tall I can literally not put anything far enough out of reach!!

She’s hit the terrible two’s at a dead run and she’s not looking back.  She doesn’t ask for things, she screams at you.  She hates the word “NO” unless she’s using it which she does about 2 million times a day.  She can get out of her crib (yes I know she could have done it months ago, she just didn’t know that).  She’s now moving to a toddler bed and I have no hope of ever sleeping again given cabinet and drawer locks, electrical outlet covers, and the like are nothing more than a temporary setback for her.

She has lost all semblance of any table manners she ever had, she will play musical chairs at meal time because she hates sitting in her booster chair.  She swears she’s starving to death every 3 seconds and if you didn’t live with her or weren’t her physician with actual documented proof she’s not losing weight, you would find you believe her.

Through it all, she will make you laugh constantly, even when she’s telling you no, or circumventing your every attempt at toddler proofing.  She comes up with stuff you wouldn’t imagine.  She sings “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” most of the day, she’ll add in words here and there she thinks should have been in the original writing of the song.  Some are not words a 2 year old should be using, but what can you do?  She will happily sit there while you tickle her for hours, if you stop tickling she’ll grab your hand to guide you to begin again.

I had foot surgery on New Year’s Eve, my grandma moved in for 2 weeks to help as I was non-weight baring.  She looked like death warmed over by the time it was all done, but she went home and she’s miserable!  This is what my daughter does to you!  😉

For your viewing pleasure so you know I’m telling the truth:


If you look closely you can see the horns I swear!

Joey made the A Honor Roll and is immensely proud.  Being as humble as he is, he promptly declared himself “one of the smartest kids in the school” which according to his test scores is probably true so impossible to argue with.  He also turned 9.  😦  He is no longer a little kid, I am amazed when I look at him and see him speeding toward adolescence, I can remember him being Elizabeth’s age and as big of a pain as he was at that time, I’d give anything to have that back.  Some days I want to just stop and rewind life, wonder why we can’t?!

He made his first goal of the season at a tournament in Douglas.  I missed it, it was too soon after my surgery to attempt to attend the tournament.  😦  They swept the tournament, and I do mean swept it, their cumulative score was like 39-7, completely dominating all 3 other teams.  There was a brief write up in our newspaper, where they of course were sure to spell at least one name and 3 words wrong.  The firing of the Broncos head coach in Denver however took up the bulk of the sports page that day.

Joey is also proud to announce I’ve taken over his cub scout pack as Cubmaster.  I didn’t really do it for a good reason, my reasons are that I’m bored, I know a lot about scouts, and I was horrified by the disorganization of our pack.  Joey of course just sees it as mom cares, which is very true, but I could have cared and just attended meetings.  Right now I’m his hero though so I’m not complaining.  What I will say is, if you take on a position like this, count on your child deciding it means he can do and say whatever he wants without fear of reprisal.  Plan to shatter that elusion immediately.

Also for your viewing pleasure:


Joey’s 4th from the left in the hockey picture (not counting the coach)

I have a zillion pictures to upload and post, I think I’ll do a gallery post here in a day or so.  But nap time is coming to an end so I won’t get it done today!


One Response to “She ate the cake”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I am so sorry about the insurance hassle. That sucks big time.

    Your kids are looking so big. I suppose that is what happens to them, eh?

    I do hope you are well. You are in my thoughts.

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