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UGH December 14, 2008

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My lap top is trashed, Elizabeth dumped water on it.  Thank goodness for accidental damage protection on a warranty.  It’s at Dell’s depot so hopefully they’ll get it fixed quickly.

For any techies who read, we have this desktop that’s a hand me down that was supposed to be for Joey.  The damn thing won’t connect to the internet.  I can check e-mail in Outlook and use Outlook browser (??) as long as there’s not a pop-up that has to come up in another browser, but it says there’s no connection.  WTH?!  Does it need re-formatted?

Joey had a hockey game in Rapid yesterday, so much fun to go over there when there’s a blizzard warning.  By the time we left it was SOLID ice from wet fog and then it started snowing.  Took 4.5 hours to make a 2 hour drive and absolutely sucked between the wind and snow.  Winter traveling sports are SO much fun!

Elizabeth was un-phased she bossed Joey around the whole way home, only problem was he rode home with his Nana and Papa so it was long distance bossing.  She is SO bossy I swear, one day I will get the camera and record her chewing someone out.  When she finally decided Joey wasn’t going to be in the car to boss around she started bossing around her puppy.  My favorite was “mind your business Puppy!”  (She hears that a lot since she’s become so bossy!)

Not much else to report, it is absolutely FREEZING cold here today, -15 ambient temperature with a wind chill of -56.  It’s so cold you can see the cold swirl in the air and hear the tree branches freeze and crackle as they drop the freeze to sway in the wind.  Totally insane!!  No snow to speak of because it’s just too cold to snow, but it’s absolutely frigid!

I am guessing the Black Hills have snow, they had quite a bit last night despite the temperatures, but it wasn’t quite as cold there, it didn’t start getting this cold until the Wyoming line.

I think that’s about it, hope you all are warm and well!  🙂


4 Responses to “UGH”

  1. Ranisa Says:

    I don’t wish that cold any one! BUT I am missing the snow…it is all melting….we are above 40 today….I think it was 44 on the way home form church!

  2. Terra Says:

    The weather absolutely sucks this year! I am glad everything is going well. I caught some nasty bug (no idea what it is), so I have been resting a lot trying to get better… Hope you get your laptop back soon.

    I wish I wasn’t technology retarded 🙂 I would so help you out, talk to you later

  3. Nicole Says:

    I think we need to move to Arizona or something.

    Can’t believe that story about the poor computer. Teach you to drink water near it!

    I would bring the other one into the shop. Let them worry about it.

  4. Terra Says:

    Missing you, if your laptop is back I would love to hear from you…

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