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Wall-E and other unrelated things November 20, 2008

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So the kids got Wall-E last night and as they’re watching it I can NOT stop thinking about The Blogess’s post about the movie and her vibe from it!  The whole time I’m thinking “this movie is kind of boring and disappointing and Elizabeth is not gonna sit through it” and I was right.  Then I see the people and I’m like WHOLLY CRAP she was 100% right!  I so thought I should get off my fat ass and go take a walk.  I didn’t though because I then realized I can’t walk around the stupid block until they fix my foot, it’s 30 degrees out and snowing, and plus my dogs are fat and lazy.

So to make myself feel better I got off my bored, fat lazy, ass and went to take a bath.  I already knew how the movie ended.  So I’m sitting in the tub thinking I’m not gonna end up like that because A. I would never  drink my food (ICK) B. I’ve seen the Matrix and didn’t it kind of remind you of the Matrix the way the people  were so oblivious?  So if someone was screwing with me I’d totally know cuz I am just THAT in tune with me. C. I actually went to the hair salon this week where an actual human cut my hair and all that.  I drove myself there and walked in to the shop so I’m truly immune.  D. I like to bake, cook, clean, etc… so no way would I be happy riding around on some hover chair thing with some robots brushing my teeth and hair, and finally, HELLO I was in the bath tub, those people don’t bathe, the robots roll them out of bed and “clean them up and get them dressed” so just imagine how freaking stinky that ship was!!  Good thing robots can’t smell!

Then just to show how screwed up I am, I’m sitting on the porch in the snow with my dogs and my puppy is rubbing her nose in the snow and I start bawling (AGAIN).  My Lhaso Apso used to do that.  He loved the snow so much, he loved getting it all in his beard and feet and then he’d come in all covered with ice chunks that would melt in puddles on my floor.  What I wouldn’t give to have that back!  I’m a weepy mess lately.  Maybe it’s the holidays.  Maybe it’s the damn insurance company dragging this out and tormenting us?!  Maybe it’s just my PTSD, but I swear the stupidest things just hit me and make me cry.  I keep thinking when they insurance company finally quits screwing around and it’s fully over and we are not living in limbo I’ll feel better, but then I think “crap, what happens if that doesn’t put an end to my weepy, mess of a self?!”

Tomorrow’s post: “Homeowner’s” Association – An Oxy-moron, so stay tuned.

PS/Did anyone see any pets in Wall-E?  I didn’t watch the whole thing but I never saw one, that would be reason 1,000,000 I’m immune to that future they so gleefully predicted for us!


7 Responses to “Wall-E and other unrelated things”

  1. Ranisa Says:

    Maybe this will make you chuckle….Our dog Chevy hates the snow. He looks like a Rottie with something else. He prances on the grass when it starts to snow. One day Kris decided that he was tired of having a wuss dog and that he didn’t want to see him prancing in the snow anymore….so he had a snowball fight with the dog. Once the dog understood that it was a game he enjoyed it…I think. And yes Chevy still prances on the snow.

  2. Terra Says:

    ROFL!!! It didn’t inspire you to go plant a pizza tree? I haven’t figured out where to find the seeds yet, but when I do there are gonna be pizza trees all over my yard! I won’t forget about those!

  3. abunslife Says:

    I have NOT seen wall-e and now I totally don’t want to….just hang in there….I’m sorry I haven’t been around commenting, just know that I have still been reading. I really appreciated your comment on my post when I wrote about my depression. It meant a lot, especially with all that you are dealing with, that you would take the time to try to make me feel better and let me know that I wasn’t alone. So THANK YOU.

  4. Liz (Gefallen) Says:


    Hang in there. I may no be around much but I do check into your blog every now and then to see how you are doing. You will get there. Just take one day at a time you know? And be good to yourself. Thinking of you still.

  5. Liz (Gefallen) Says:

    Oh yes…and spot the typo in there – lol….The Typonator strikes again!!

  6. Nicole Says:

    I am not a fan of children’s films at all. I cannot stand cartoons.

    Sorry the insurance company is being weird. It would give you closure if they just hopped to it.

  7. I have not seen the movie yet, but I heard about it. Seeing as I am larger than I am comfortable with at the moment, it might hit a little close to home!

    I hope you get everything settled soon! Living in limbo is next to impossible!

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