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Would you go vote? November 3, 2008

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My cousin is career Navy, he works for the Pentagon and has served in both Iraq wars.  His wife Joanna is just a phenomenal lady, she was featured in a magazine as entrepenuer of the year and all kinds of things.  I think I’ve posted about her before but just in case I haven’t…  A few years ago the charm bracelets became the big thing again and she noticed she couldn’t find any charms for military wives, so she set to work designing some.  They’re not charms for the men in the military they’re charms for the women and families who stand behind the men in the military.  They are really, really, neat and they’ve been a lot bigger deal than she ever expected.  She’s now branched out in to necklaces and all kinds of things.  You can see them at: http://www.attagirlgifts.com/

Anyway, she is nominated for Military Spouse of the year and I would LOVE to see her win.  I am going to copy/paste the nomination essay from her vote page and if you’d like to vote for her that would be awesome, you can vote more than once (wink, wink)!

You can vote for her here: http://msoy.milspouse.com/vote.aspx?branch=USN

Just click on Joanna W.’s vote link 🙂

Here’s a copy/paste of the nomination essay sent in for her:

Personal Quote:

“It is dangerous to define yourself not by who you are but by what your husband does for a living. But in life, the greater the risk, the greater the reward and I have never been so richly rewarded as to be known as a military wife.”

Nomination Essay:

Joanna is an amazing military spouse who has made it her personal mission to better the lives of fellow military spouses. At the local level, Joanna has been actively involved in volunteering for several Officer’s Spouses Clubs and is also a registered volunteer for NMFA. Her first deployment started eight weeks after the birth of her second son. It was during her second deployment when she got to thinking about the recognition our servicemember’s receive, and the recognition their spouses should (but don’t) receive… and Atta Girl Gifts! was born. She is committed to a quality product and each step of the business has been carefully thought out with military women in mind. (www.attagirlgifts.com) Having learned many lessons getting her business started, she co-founded the Military Spouse Business Association as a way to unite military spouse business owners in their efforts to balance entrepreneurship with the challenges of the military lifestyle. (www.milspousebiz.org) Joanna has devoted countless hours getting this non-profit organization up and running and believes very strongly in the potential of MSBA to assist thousands of military spouses. (Of those military spouses who are employed, almost 10% own their own businesses.) Most recently, Joanna was instrumental in bringing the Military Spouse Residency Relief Act to the House of Representatives. She pounded the floors of Congress, speaking with countless Congressmen and encouraging them to pass the bill, which will literally change the lives of many military spouses. The bill will enable us to keep the same state of residency as our active-duty spouses, saving countless hours and headaches in line at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, etc… not to mention simplifying our tax situations… basically granting us the same rights the SCRA granted our spouses in the 1940’s. This bill, if enacted, will singlehandedly improve the quality of life of Military Spouses everywhere and in my opinion, Joanna should be hailed as a hero. Her vision, her dedication, and her resolve to improve the lives of her fellow spouses is unmatched, and this is why I strongly believe that she herself deserves to be recognized as the Military Spouse of 2009.”


2 Responses to “Would you go vote?”

  1. Terra Says:

    Very inspirational, voted 🙂

  2. OOH! I am off to vote for her!

    I am constantly amazed at the sacrifice these men and women give for the good of so many!

    It would be an honor to help her receive some well deserved recognition!

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