Who are these kids and why are they calling me mom?

Sometimes you just have to put on your big girl panties and deal with it

Halloween November 3, 2008

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It’s a two post day cuz I had to get the prior post off my chest 🙂

Now on to the total cuteness overload!  Note I am not responsible for the quality of the photos, my camera is toasted and the pictures we take with it are all hazy and nasty so I had to rely on my mom and MIL…

Joey was Anakin Skywalker and I was just like “blah”.  When he wanted to be Anakin I was like “how in the world do you dress up as Anakin Skywalker?!”  But low and behold Target has an Anakin Skywalker costume!  So he was Anakin although he didn’t have his lightsaber in my mom’s house for some reason, he preferred posing with her kitten?!

Elizabeth was Abby Cadaby, I had a hard time because she found this super cute puppy costume and I was gonna let her get that one until I saw the Abby Cadaby, and it was SO cute and she loves Abby…  so we settled on Abby and I am so happy we did!

For the first time in as long as I can remember both kids actually got to wear their costumes without coats over them!  It wasn’t warm out in the evening by any means so Elizabeth only went to three houses right by ours and her grandparents’, but last year she was in a snow suit!  Joey just put clothes on under his costume and was good for trick-or-treating.  SO nice to have a Halloween like that!  You can’t imagine!

We trick-or-treated in our “new” neighborhood and again I was reminded just how great this neighborhood is.  Kids and parents were out everywhere, they stopped and chatted, the kids visited, some had a kissing booth, one had a scary set up in his garage for the older kids, etc…  Two neighbors even made home made goodies.  Thankfully we live in a town in an area of town I can let my kids eat the home made goodies.

I bought a TON of candy, Joe thought I was nuts, we went through all but a tiny bit of it.  It was great!!  Elizabeth helped hand out candy to the other kids to come to the house and played in her costume right up until bedtime, so all in all it was just a fun, fun night!!


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