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Just random thoughts October 8, 2008

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I am bored, the quiet life is not suiting me.  I miss all 4 dogs under my feet, cages to clean, animals to feed, babies to snuggle and everything my life encompassed.  I know it’s crazy but it’s true.  That does not mean I have the heart to re-build my herds, but I am seriously missing all of the work.

Yesterday was my anniversary, 9 years.  It seems really un-real to me!  We celebrated by spending the early part of the day at the doctor, then watching a couple  things I had on my DVR and then Joe going to the parent’s hockey meeting and me getting the kids fed and to bed.  Fun, fun!

Joey is sick today and felt crummy enough to stay home from school until I told him no DS, TV, etc…  He’s still sick and needs to stay home I think, but now he’s mad about it.  <sigh>

This year’s hockey schedule is insane.  7 AM Saturday practices for almost 2 hours.  Plus Wednesday and Friday evenings for the rec program.  He’s playing both rec center and Gillette Hockey Association which we didn’t know at sign up.  Apparently that’s what they do at this level.  They did cut down on travel, only one day away games instead of weekend long tournaments so that’s a plus.  Although we will probably find the games are at something like 9 AM on Saturday mornings and since you have to be there 45 minutes before game time to get them suited up, we’re gonna end up having to spend a night anyway.  The new rink opens here in the next month or so and they are hoping to get better ice time once that happens, but right now the rec center program is getting the good ice time which leaves the GHA kids practicing early Saturday mornings.  Did I mention how much I am NOT a morning person?  Joey isn’t much of one either and the kids are going to be fully worn out after having a Friday evening practice as well.  Hopefully after the first couple of practices the coaches will push the rec center to give us better ice time. I just can’t imagine any 8 year old being able to keep up with that schedule.

Elizabeth is feeling better and no new spots so that’s awesome and she seems to be in a better mood.  She has not thrown anything at anyone, yelled, screamed, or cried and she’s been up since 6 AM.  So almost 3 hours without her trying to hit one of us with a sippy cup or toy!  YAY!

Today is Joe’s birthday.  Happy birthday honey!  We’re having a get together on Saturday for his birthday.  Nothing fancy just a couple of friends and the family for dinner.  He’s  excited about getting to use the empty rec room in the house!

Did I mention how great this house is?!  It’s HUGE and it has the best lay out!  I can’t even describe it, but the backyard is HUGE and the house is amazing.  We are truly in love with it!  Not to mention the neighborhood!  Our neighbors are all phenomenal and there has been absolutely no neighborhood drama!  Dogs who get out of the yard are simply escorted home, cats visit other houses, no one calls animal control?!  What will we do with that?!

We want to buy this house, our landlord is seriously considering selling it to us he says!  YAY!!  It needs some work, it is so sad to see, but the houses were built on a clay bed and all of them on this side of the street shifted which caused the foundations to shift and some walls to crack, etc…  It’s not a cheap fix, but it is fixable and we are hoping we can buy it for a decent price and then fix it at our own pace.  Terra’s hopefully coming to visit on Friday so she can tell you all how great the house is and how much we just NEED to be able to buy it!

We did get the final appraisal in and it came in well over our maximum insurance amount so we are hoping they’ll be quick about cutting the check and we can pay it off, tear it down, and sell the lot.  I can’t even tell you how much I want to be rid of that thing.  Paying the mortgage on it just reminds me of all the bad that happened there.  I so just want to be rid of it!!  I haven’t been back to the house since like 3 days after the fire and I have no intention of ever going back.  The only exception will be when the demolition crew comes, I want to be the first to hit it with a sledge hammer.  I think it will be therapuetic for me to be able to be a part of tearing down the bane of my existence.


One Response to “Just random thoughts”

  1. Terra Says:

    How about something along the lines of “bite the bullet” for your new title? LOL

    Glad everything is going well, and I will totally see you on Friday 🙂

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