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Why can’t they write faster and leave them open ended? October 3, 2008

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I am such a book hog, I LOVE books, I rarely had time to read them before the fire, but now I have too much time on my hands so I have been reading.

I was SO freaking excited for Brisingr to come out, I went to Hastings but they were sold out and I was way bummed!  The next day my mom and grandma were at Wal-Mart and they had a bunch I guess so she bought it for me.

I have been putting off reading it, the problem with reading it is the same as the final Harry Potter book.  It’s the end.  After this there are no more!  😦

I love series books, I hate to be left hanging wondering what happened with characters in a story, but none of them write fast enough to keep up with me!! I just started reading another author who’s a bit twisted but fun, I didn’t realize there was a series until the 3rd book I’d read of hers!  LOL  So I am going back and re-reading them all.  God bless Amazon!  The problem is, she only writes one a year, so once I’ve read the last 3 or 4, I am again stuck waiting for more to read.

Anyone got any good book ideas for me?!

In other news, Joey got a new kitten today, Suki is just gone so his grandma took him to the shelter and helped him pick up a new kitten.  He picked a little Tortie he named “Sox” because she has two cream feet. She is a TOTAL doll, she purrs like crazy and loves to snuggle, she’s a definite ray of light in this house after all we’ve been through!

Elizabeth has some crazy rash, it’s  awful.  Last night it looked like she had bug bites up one leg and on to her torso, I thought she’d had an ant in her pants that walked up and bit her along the way.  This morning she had what looked like a mixture of hives and bug bites EVERYWHERE.  She itched so badly she took off her jammies and diaper to reach the spots.  So I called my mom and then the doctor.  She’s had infected ears and a sinus infection like the rest of us so they put her on Amoxicillin.  We were pretty sure it was a drug reaction.  We were right but it’s not an allergy.  The doctor walked in the room and said “she’s on about day 7 of an Amoxycillin treatment right?”  we were floored but said “yes, how did you know?”  Apparently people on Amoxycillin who end up with a certain type of virus can have a reaction like this.  She said they see it a lot in patients with Mono who are treated with Amoxycillin apparently a certain virus class can conflict with the Amoxycillin.  Who knew?  She still has the nasty ear infection and sinus infection though so they gave her a shot of Rocephin (sp?) to clear those up without extending the length of the rash which will apparently get worse before it gets better.  I can’t even begin to imagine it getting worse, truly.  And the worst part is we can’t stop it.  Benadryl and Calamine can help with the itching but not stop the spread.  😦

Needless to say she’s way miserable and in bed and I am hoping I smothered her with enough Calamine she can sleep through the night and not wake up itching.

No other real news to report, but do send me those book suggestions!  I love any kind of series author and I love most every kind of book!


2 Responses to “Why can’t they write faster and leave them open ended?”

  1. Terra Says:

    ROFL, book hog… I am… err… was? back when I had time to be.

    I loved the Eragon series for Fantasy

    Terry Brooks, Ann MCcafe, & Kate Elliot are awesome too.

  2. Walt Kneeland Says:

    I run into the same sorta thing–Harry Potter, Lord of the RIngs, Left Behind…

    I find a series, plow through it, and wait.

    Might be one of the things I enjoy with comics: particularly with the big characters (Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, X-Men, etc.) there are often new issues (granted, NOT prose books) most weeks or at least each month.

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