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Sometimes you just have to put on your big girl panties and deal with it

Just a quickie :) September 30, 2008

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We are settling in well.  I managed to get the flu bug my nephew spread to everyone in the house but unlike them I went to the walk in clinic yesterday rather than wait for it to really knock me down.  As it was it took me 3 days to unload our boxes (and there weren’t many so how pathetic is that?) because I felt so crummy!!  But they hooked me up with some antibiotics and cough medicine and I’m starting to feel better.  Cable and internet were hooked up today and the furniture people replaced the pieces they broke so, now that people are officially done tracking up my floors I can vaccuum them and get everything all cleaned up well.

Joe got the offer he was hoping for so he’s about to be gainfully employed again.  He will actually be self employed but hired as a consultant so it’s a whole new adventure really.

The kids are loving the rental house, so much room for them to play and run, the dogs are loving the yard and I am loving the neighbors, neighborhood, and that everyone else is loving it so much!

So really all in all, things are looking up 🙂


One Response to “Just a quickie :)”

  1. Terra Says:

    I am so happy that everything is looking up! Very happy that Joe found his new job too 🙂

    I officially order you to be over that flu by the tenth, cause we are planning to come visit you, but Heaven so can’t be around the flu LOL 🙂

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