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The new house September 28, 2008

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Well all of our stuff is at the new place.  I don’t know if I told you but my nephew was really sick a couple of weeks ago.  Wouldn’t you know he came over that Saturday for us to watch and he’d been on antibiotics so we didn’t worry about it.  Well that was stupid of us.  Either he or Joey passed some nasty bug all over the house.  When there are like 8 people living in one house it is not good when a visitor or one of the people living in the house is sick.

So it started with Joey, then my grandma, then my mom, then Elizabeth and by this time I am like “WOO HOO I am NOT getting sick!!”  I so know better than to think that!!  When do I wake up all stuffy and feeling like crap?  You guessed it…  on moving day!!

So we get the call the furniture is here and can I just say “WOW?!”  The furniture is really nice.  It’s all color coordinated, leather upstairs and something else down that’s super soft.  The beds are all Serta’s and Joey is loving his two twin beds 🙂

But then we get to the linens and dishes and such and they are all hotel linens, hotel plates, etc…  So I am like OK, we can deal, it’s better than nothing.  But I am secretly wondering exactly how much bleach I bought.  They gave us service for 8 in dishes, one tin pot, one tin cookie sheet, one tin pasta pot, and one tin frying pan.  Then the silverware is also tin.  It reminds me of the kind of stuff you would buy to stock a little tent trailer for camping.

So I’m trying to be positive and I’m like OK, we’ll manage.  We’ll replace things a little at a time after Joe gets this job and we’ll be OK.  But my mom is like “oh HELL no!”

A few years ago after my aunt died in my mom’s arms she went through some serious PTSD issues.  She sat in her house and bought things off of QVC, and I mean BOUGHT THINGS, and like 2 and 3 of EVERYTHING.  So we go back to her house and she starts cleaning out cupboards and I am totally set.  My dad is thrilled because he’s been bitching for years about the amount of things in her kitchen.  Plus the coffee pot they sent me is kinda scary like you’d see in a hotel room so my dad is like “I have this POS coffee pot at the car store, come get the damn thing”.  Ummm…  it’s this fancy Kitchen Aid coffee pot my mom bought for the house LOL  He snagged it from the house and took his BUNN home cuz it brews faster.  So he gave me the fancy one to which my mom was like “that’s it, he’s not getting another one” (he’s totally famous for taking things from the house to the car store).

Either way I netted a nice coffee pot, a pretty full kitchen full of stuff thanks to my mom who buys two of everything and never throws anything away, and she cleaned out her linen cupboards to give us like 6 full sets of good towels and some bedding for our bed.  We already had a crib set for Sissy’s new crib and a bedding set for Joey’s twin mattress he used while my grandma was there, so we are set.

We finally got everything moved over at like 6 PM and my dad met us out here and helped bring it all in.  Then we had pizza, made beds I went over to get the skittish cat who was hiding from the commotion and some nightlights, and by 11 PM Joey was in bed and I finished my book and crashed.

Yesterday I woke up feeling like hammered dog crap but I was determined to do at least some putting away.  Have you ever looked at a house and thought it was really clean and then moved in to find it really isn’t?  There’s an inch of dust on everything and crumbs in the cupboards?  Well that would be our new home, so Joe and Joey went to Wal-Mart for the things we forgot on Thursday, and then to Home Depot to buy some material to enclose our partially fenced yard, and Sissy and I started cleaning and un-packing.  By about 4 PM I was feeling so crappy I gave up for the day and watched CARS for the 90th time with Elizabeth.  WOW do we need cable because I am SICK to freaking death of CARS and Camp Rock!!  I will say they gave us these HUGE Hi-Def flat screen TV’s and CARS is quite interesting to watch on them.  My dad is all about coming over to watch football!!  LOL

My cats are settling in but are a bit stressed, both following me around and meowing.  Daisy who I’m not sure if I blogged about before, is not a friendly cat, she can be about once a day but only with me.  She was not treated well and was half feral when I brought her home so she’s always kind of just lived “with” us.  I had to trap her  to get her from the other house to begin with, and then she was sick at my mom’s house.  I was afraid I was going to have to trap her to get her from my mom’s house but she was surprisingly easy to snag once everyone had left and she’d had a couple of hours to calm down.   She’s also not hiding out in a corner or under furniture here.  She’s actually rubbing on my leg right now which is WAY out of character for her.  During the day she hid under my bed, but if I came in the room she’d meow and rub on my leg.  This morning she’s exploring and then comes around every few minutes to make sure I’m here.  Nala the other cat is all settled in, and just wants to be reassured we aren’t moving again for a while.

The dogs are doing well also, Bitsy is clingy which is normal Bitsy and I think she misses my dad and his dog, they had a thing going…  Jazz is just happy to be with us wherever we go and is actually sleeping in Joey’s room to “keep him safe”.

All in all we are settling in.  I  am a bit sad to look around and see nothing really belongs to us, it’s odd to live in a house where there is none of “you” in it.  No photos to hang up, no knick knacks to put out, etc…  I have none of that.  So we will put the new clothes in the very nice rented dressers, and slowly I’ll maybe pick up an item or two to decorate with that is more us.  I will say right now it’s very bare and clean looking, so Terra would love it!  LOL  My grandma did manage to save a couple of photos that were in frames upstairs, so once I get new frames for them and get them hung maybe it will feel more like mine.

All in all though it’s quiet and comfy and Joe and the kids are settling in really well, and we are all together so we’re doing very well 🙂

OH, and I filled out an online job application for Smith’s Pharmacy.  I haven’t worked in like 4 years, and I am not qualified for the job but it said “will train” so I figured “what the heck?!”  The hours are OK if they’re what was published.  I have to be able to go to work after Joey is dropped off at school and leave before he gets out since he can’t ride the bus to school.  Yesterday the manager called to set up an interview with me.  It’s a pharmacy tech position which requires eventual certification but I think would actually be right up my alley.  If Joe gets the job he is hopefully going to be be offered then I don’t really need this job, but a big part of me thinks it might be really good for me right now to get out of the house and not be able to sit around feeling sorry for myself.  So I will call for the interview time on Monday and go from there 😉


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