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Yesterday was a low day September 20, 2008

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For some reason I was terribly depressed yesterday, more than I have been in two weeks.  My dogs went to the crematorium yesterday and it weighed heavily on my mind all day.  Suki is still missing and presumed either dead or permanently settled in to some new home somewhere.  😦

I know the dogs are gone, have been gone for 2 weeks, it’s just their bodies but I could NOT get it out of my mind all day.

On the positive side a little yelling at the insurance claims rep and going over his head to his manager got our rental status approved so we get to sign our lease and get the keys today.  Still going to be Friday before we can move in, but we have the keys as of 11 AM today.  I am tempted to go there and just sit on the floor in “MY house”.

For some reason I feel better when I get to yell at the insurance guy.  He’s such a pain in my ass, it just lifts my spirits to jump him on something.  How petty is that?

I have a post I have to write today for me, I am debating making it private because I know it’s such a whine fest, but I haven’t decided yet.  I just have to get it off my chest so it’s on my list for after the lease, the dog’s new “extra” rabies shots since their records burned, and nap time.  <sigh>

I’ve also had two calls for hedgehogs this week so I have got to do something about my website.  It breaks my heart a little more each time to tell people “I’m sorry I have no hedgehog to place with you because they all died in a fire”.

Obviously I am in a bit lower place today, it comes and goes, one day I am OK and the next I am feeling low and sorry for myself.  <sigh>


2 Responses to “Yesterday was a low day”

  1. Ascended Says:

    Hello. You will know me as someone you have buffed a few times. I wanted to let you know I am sadden by what happened and have been praying for your family. I am please no human was hurt, but sadden by the loss of animal life. As a pet owner myself, I understand how they are family too. I know for a fact that they are in Heaven by the grace of the Lord. I know he will take care of your family through these times, even though it seems tough right now.
    Words really can not express or help in this. But know that people care for you and will be there for you.

  2. Terra Says:

    😦 All I can say is we love you…

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