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And the clouds cover the sun… September 18, 2008

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Our lease agreement with the temporary housing agency was signed today and our move in date was all set for Monday until…  they can’t get our furniture to us until next Friday.  <sigh>  6 more days.  We get the keys tomorrow to a house we have nothing to put in!  I was devastated.  On top of that we were supposed to get the keys tonight but our insurance claim rep didn’t send the final approval through or answer his phone, he is on my VERY last nerve.  So far I have had to call him, get his voicemail, push 0 to speak to one of his co-workers who I then bitch out only to be told “let me see what I can do” then they come back and say “Mrs. Hyne I am transferring you to Blair because he is available”?!!  Then answer your damn phone you asswad!!  OMG I hate that guy.  This is his first “total loss” and let me tell you if I was his supervisor it would be his last because he has held up every single thing we’ve done so far.  He is the reason we are going to be without a permanent residence for a full 3 weeks before we can move in to a house we’ll be paying utilities on…  UGH!!!

I finally had to take an anxiety pill today and I fell asleep for a long time.  It was that or breakdown and cry  😦

I have been doing so well only having to take them to keep the nightmares at bay but today was one of those days and I am so gonna get a chunk of the claim rep and his supervisor tomorrow to make myself feel better.

I know it’s petty and stupid but I have to say, if I yell at someone who’s not helping our situation I actually feel better.  This is the life I am reduced to.  Having to bitch at someone to get through the day without popping anti-anxiety meds and going back to bed for the day.


One Response to “And the clouds cover the sun…”

  1. kethryanne Says:

    Hi jandshyne, my condolences on the loss of your pets each and every one of them. Miss your presence in the land of fallen sword. and hope things will return to some sort of normalcy soon. Keep your chin up and know that others are thinking of you during this time of trials and tribulations. Its is so nice to hear of the support from your community and friends and family….. take care. God bless you!

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