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Thank you all and I could use some ideas… September 17, 2008

Filed under: Blogging,Fire — Steph @ 10:27 pm

Thank you to each and every person who has commented or sent me either postal mail, e-mail, comments, or called me.  Each and every one of you have lifted my spirits, often at times I needed it the very most!!!

Also, I am finding the title of my blog to be a painful reminder of what we’ve lost so I need a fun new title, and could really use some ideas!!  Please, any ideas you can think of would be SO much appreciated, truly!   Even if it’s totally silly, really, the sillier the better at this point, because right now it’s kind of like a knife in my heart when I log in.


3 Responses to “Thank you all and I could use some ideas…”

  1. Terra Says:

    I am SO happy to hear you are doing better. 🙂 That is a bright shot in my day.

    Afraid I am no good at blog names, and the good ones are taken ROFL… (I really don’t have enough imagination anymore…

    I might just have to get you the stuff to be able to customize your blog, won’t be right away but I might have to do that… Lets see maybe Christmas? 🙂

  2. Kenny B. (Kragerbone) Says:

    New title: Kid’s And PeanutButter….

  3. Liz (Gefallen) Says:


    How about something to do with your favorite color? Surely that has got to be more positive to look at, for you?

    Something like “Shades of purple”….or “It’s all purple and lilacs from here on in…”

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