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The logistics September 13, 2008

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I am getting a lot of e-mails asking for the logistics of our situation.  So I’m going to try to outline everything and I honestly don’t mind questions, so if I leave something out feel free to ask.

1. We did have insurance.  Unfortunately like everyone else in the world we were somewhat under-insured but we did have insurance.

2. We are most likely not going to re-build.  The house is a total loss.  It has to be bulldozed, all of the debris cleared away and then the foundation inspected.  Even with all of that we aren’t sure we can ever live there again after what happened. We think we will pay off our mortgage, demolish the house, and sell the lot and buy something else.

3. I am having my dogs cremated.

4. We do need and could use money.  I am not begging, I am truly just answering a question.  Right now the insurance company hasn’t paid out anything and since we’ve lost everything we owned we’ve drained our bank accounts and some of my mom’s to put clothes on the kids.  There is a fund at Wells Fargo bank here in Gillette. It’s under Tera Harvel and Stephanie Hyne.  You can e-mail Tera for the information at: tdmom07@yahoo.com

5. The kids are really set on clothes, lots of their family bought them clothes so truly they have plenty.

6. We are still living with my mom and dad.  They are working on a place for us to live.  They have to put us up for 12 months, but as of yet they haven’t found one so we are still at my mom’s house.

7. I am not emotionally stable enough to move yet anyway.

8. We are trying to start looking at this as a fresh start, a brand new life.  It’s not easy no matter how many people say it or suggest it.

9. There is nothing in the house worth saving shy of my curio cabinet my grandpa built and my cedar chest he built.  Even those we aren’t sure will be saveable but we are going to try.  All photos, books, photo albums, etc… are gone.

10. The kids are handling it OK.  Joey is having nightmares, Elizabeth wants to go “bye-bye home” and they have some new toys but not all of what they lost obviously.  But they are adjusting with the help of family and in Joey’s case the school social worker.

The corrected News Record article says Campco but like everything else they printed it before verifying so the fund is definitely at Wells Fargo.

I think that’s all. I’m sure there’s some things I am leaving out so feel free to ask if I did.


One Response to “The logistics”

  1. Terra Says:

    Now remember you asked for this… I am not convinced you are ready for it, but I am going to give it to you anyway, for the sake of your kids…

    Get up off your rear, and go do something. Anything you like to do, (go get a fricken pedicure! I will totally pay for it, go do it and call me and I will give them my credit card number for payment!)

    I know what you have lost, I understand your depression, now you had your time for that now it is time to regroup and move on. Show whatever power that you believe in that you can take it, and come out on top. The woman that inspires me with talks of her family coming together in a crisis, that tells me her family can literally cheat death to see something before their time comes IS able to work through this.

    I am in no way intending to belittle your feelings, only stating that you are better than that. You can overcome anything if you choose to and you need to! We are totally sending you tons of love, but we know you need to pull out and do something away from this. Don’t think about it for a while (and yes I totally know that is the hardest thing I am asking you to do.) However, you must do it.

    Don’t allow yourself that wallowing in self pity thing. Just don’t allow it, give yourself a daily cry if you need it, then go out and do something. It doesn’t matter what, only that you enjoy it and it sidetracks you from this… This is what you would tell me, and so it is what you need to be told…

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