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Where I am now September 8, 2008

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Apparently the News Record got a lot of hate mail for the photo and incorrect information in the article so they decided to write a follow up story (THANK YOU to all of you who sent those letters and e-mails in!!!).  It’s still inaccurate.  It says Joe was the licensed breeder but he wasn’t it was me, and they just apparently guessed at the spelling of Tenrec.  But it’s better than nothing.     http://www.gillettenewsrecord.com/articles/2008/09/08/news/today/news04.txt

Also those of you asking for how you can help…  Joe got laid off on Thursday (I kept thinking Tuesday but my days are jumbled) it was actually Thursday.  So really to be 100% honest money to replace toys the kids lost, clothes, etc…  is the best possible way to help.  Of course I realize not everyone can do so and I totally understand that!!  The phone calls, letters, cards, etc… have all been just as wonderful lifting my spirits so thank you all so much!!  There is a link to e-mail my friend and neighbor who started a fund in our name.

I sent this to everyone on my contact list but I know some others are wondering and you are welcome to forward it on to anyone who would like to read it.

The video people have asked about…  My mom is the one crying, my dad is the one holding my one surviving dog.

The fire department and police did try to sneak the animals out from the back but apparently a photographer was hiding there and got that picture  L

Sunday’s story had more photos, anyone who wants a copy can e-mail them and get one.  There’s a photo of the firemen breaking through the roof in what was Joey’s room to vent the smoke, and one of my mom hugging Joe.

I truly am hanging in there as best I can and I know many have asked.  I did have a break down in Minneapolis and they medicated me.  They’ve dropped the dose so I can manage panic attacks but not be quite so out of it.

Tomorrow we are burying my dogs so that will be tough.  One cat is still roaming the neighborhood but we set a trap in our yard tonight so hopefully she’ll be in there in the morning.  We’ve been leaving food and water and it’s getting eaten so we put the trap near where she’s been going to eat that.  Please pray we find her tomorrow as our weather is starting to get cold and rainy and I will feel better when all are accounted for.

Joey went back to school today and his class is doing a toy drive for him which we were very touched by!!  He said a lot of kids asked questions, some of which made him cry, but he said they were all very sad for him and they loved him and that made him feel better.

Everything in the house is a total loss, all pictures, books, furniture, clothes, kitchen items, knick knacks, electronics, everything.

I am hanging on by  a thread, but I am thankful every day none of us were at home and my family is safe.  The dogs are settling in OK, Bitsy gets very upset if I leave the house but has bonded with my dad (and vice versa), one cat is totally un-phased, the other who was in a trap covered with soot and was treated at animal control for smoke inhalation, is very shaken up and sticks mostly to being under the bed in the room we are using at my mom’s house.

My grandma is here to hold us all together and I don’t know what we’d do without her.  Also Joe’s mom came home from a trip to Las Cruces, so between the two of them they are holding my mom and I up.

Elizabeth is totally un-phased for the most part, she thinks it’s just a visit to Nana and Papa’s, but she has asked about going home a few times.  Not sure how to tell a 2 year old we can’t go home.  Joey is doing quite well, he is sad at times, but he’s working through it.  He did walk through the house today so he could grieve the loss of his rabbits, hedgehogs, and chinchilla kits.

He is staying home tomorrow to go with us to bury the dogs, he asked and we feel if he asks it must be what he needs to grieve and deal.

The insurance company is working on finding us a more permanent place to stay until the house is re-built.  My mom’s house is thankfully large, but even a large house gets small quickly with two families, 4 dogs, and 3 cats.  The adjuster comes on Thursday and there are varying opinions on what he will say.  Most feel the house should be completely bulldozed and re-built so we’ll just wait and see what happens I guess.  Thankfully we had insurance, I can’t imagine if we didn’t!

So, that’s what’s going on here.

We are dealing with things one day at a time and doing as well as we possibly can, but the outpouring of love from our friends and family have really been what has gotten us through this so thank you all so much!!


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  1. Keven Says:

    I just know you from Jandshyne but my name is Keve (Dragon4U), sorry to hear about your loss. I wish i can help out but all i have is prayers. so my prayers are with you and your family at this time.

    Take care Jandshyne

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