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I give up… August 15, 2008

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My mom bless her was never good at girly things.  She never really taught me to braid my hair, do my makeup, etc…  My aunt did although I am still the world’s crappiest hair braider.

So I always had this dream, when I had a little girl I would do all of these things with her.  I’d learn to braid better so I can teach her, I’d dress her up in the cutest girly clothes, fix her hair, buy her Barbie dolls, pass on my love of Cabbage Patch Kids (I had like 39 of them growing up I collected them), etc…

Then we had Joey and couldn’t have another baby so I resolved myself to not doing these things.  My only niece lives a thousand miles away with her mother, my God-daughter 2 hours away with her mom is now a teenager and does these things herself.  I gave up.  Then a shining light…  A young girl needed to place her baby for adoption.  She thought for sure it was a boy, I was OK with that but secretly thought maybe, just maybe I’d have one more chance.  I would have loved a 2nd boy of course, don’t get me wrong.  A healthy baby is all that mattered.  But I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a tiny part of me hoping for my girl.  Imagine my reaction in the San Francisco airport when I found out I not only had a baby but a little, perfect, 10 finger, 10 toes, little girl!!  Her birth mother was so sure it was a boy we bought only yellow and green.  We wanted ot be surprised, the doctor couldn’t tell at her ultrasound, so we decorated in neutrals and bought neutral colors.

When I hit Modesto and saw my girl for the first time the feeling was overwhelming.  Not just because she was the most beautiful little girl ever, but because she was the 2nd baby I had been praying for, for years.

Of course the first thing I did that evening after leaving the hospital?  I went shopping!  DUH?!  All girl clothes, all the sudden the neutral didn’t cut it?!  I bought a ton of girl stuff.  I don’t know that she ever, wore the neutral we’d bought!  My nephew did after he was born but never Elizabeth!  🙂

However as she got bigger and bigger I realized she isn’t going to want to do all of those things I’d been imagining!  From early on she didn’t care about dolls, stuffed animals, dresses, she has little hair even now at 2 years old, and makeup is something we dump in the toilet.  She likes trucks, her daddy, bugs, dirt, and girly she aint!  My one glimmer of hope?  She loves headbands, dresses, and shoes!  There is a little girl in there!  But I often say she’s going to be just like the little girl on The Little Rascals.  She’ll have a frilly dress and scuffed up fancy shoes on, but her pig tails will be in complete disarray and her knees will be skinned, her face smudged with dirt.  This is my daughter.  And dollies?  Heck no, they are something we drive our trucks over top of!

So in honor of my baby girl’s 2nd birthday I am resolving myself to the fact she has much different ideas of what it is to be a little girl than I did and just to prove it?!  She’s having a Cars (the movie) themed birthday party and getting a Power Wheels truck she can drive rather than the pink Barbie corvette in my dreams.

Here’s a list of my 2 year old daughter’s favorite things…

1. Cars the movie

2. Trucks, the bigger the better.

3. Parking lots are a little slice of Heaven for her

4. Boats

5. Her dad

6. Her papa (my dad)

7. Dirt

8. Bugs

9. Barnyard (the movie)

10. Cars (the movie) pull-ups are her new favorite thing.  Think they make girl’s underwear in Cars?

11. Blocks (cuz you gotta have a garage for the trucks?!)

12. Swimming, if it’s over her head that’s best for her

13. Did I mention trucks?!

<sigh> I find her to be so much more fun than the little girl in my dreams?!  How is that possible?! I have this great picture we just had taken of her, I’ll scan it in today and add it to this post.  You’ll totally see what I mean if you look close enough!  🙂

Happy 2nd Birthday to my girl!


2 Responses to “I give up…”

  1. Terra Says:

    Where is my picture? 🙂

  2. abunslife Says:

    She is a doll!! Happy Birthday!

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