Who are these kids and why are they calling me mom?

Sometimes you just have to put on your big girl panties and deal with it

Yesterday August 5, 2008

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This was my day yesterday.  I couldn’t get her to hold still but you get the picture.  <sigh>  I’m gonna type the whole thing out but I’ll try to abbreviate it, it’s still gonna be long I think.

It started out bad, E was up at 4 AM, I haven’t slept well since my surgery because I roll over on my side in the night and it wakes me up so I hadn’t been able to sleep before she got up.  She was up and going and wasn’t going back to bed so I was up.  I finally put the gate up in the living room and laid on the couch while E watched Barnyard.  God Bless that movie!  I dozed for about 15 minutes I think.

About 12:30 E was on my bed trying to reach something on her dad’s chest of drawers, I walked in and said “what are you doing?” and apparently that startled her because she lost her balance and smacked her mouth on the chest of drawers.  2 seconds later there’s screaming and blood pouring.  I got her down and took a look and it was obvious her tooth went through her lip.  <sigh>

So the best part?  Joe left yesterday and took my car to the airport.  I was gonna have my MIL drive me out there to get it but hadn’t done so yet when E fell.  So I had to call my mom to come get us and take us to the ER as she’s the only one with a car seat.

So we get to the ER and of course it’s packed.  Here I am with my mom who can’t leave and has a doctor’s appointment, J, E, and a packed ER.  E is acting like nothing ever happened of course but her shirt is covered in blood so it’s obvious she’s hurt.

I had a post-op at 3:15 I just could not miss because my incision is all lumpy and sore and my mom has an appointment at 4:00 and we are just so not having a good day.

So we decide my MIL will come up and sit with us and if they haven’t taken her back by 3:15 I’ll take my MIL’s car to my appointment and rush back.  My mom is taking her car but she is gonna stay until 4.  I am fixing to walk out the door to my appointment at 3:05 and they call Elizabeth’s name!  UGH!!

So my mom and MIL assure me they’ll be fine and my surgeon runs her office really strictly and is NEVER behind so I’ll be back in no time and my mom’s a nurse so it’ll be OK.  So I reluctantly went to my appointment.  I get there and the office is FULL of people and for the first time ever the surgeon is behind.  I call at 3:45 and check on E and my mom says the doctor hasn’t even seen her yet because of 2 cardiac emergencies coming in, so it’s OK.  Finally at 4:15 they call me to see the doctor.  Thankfully she’s really fast so she quickly took a look and said it wasn’t infected but the lypoma I had was HUGE and I have a huge hole in the tissue and muscle that my body has filled with fluid.  It’s normal apparently but because of the size of my lypoma it is still very sore and until the tissue grows back it will be lumpy and full of fluid.  So yay at no infection, but blah at lumpy and sore!

So I am out of there by 4:20 (told you she was fast) and rush back to the ER to find my MIL and E sitting in the waiting room and my baby with stitches.  I knew she needed stitches so that didn’t bother me but I should have been there for her and I couldn’t.  So she looks at me and her lip quivers and I just lost it.  The worst part is my mom who has my car seat in the back of her car is now at HER appointment so we can’t go home!  So we went to Subway for something for the kids and I to eat because we were starving by this point and finally were able to meet up with my mom after that so I could go to the airport and get my car and come home.

E has 6 stitches, 4 inside her lip and 2 outside.  😦

She is totally un-phased by the whole thing for the most part.  She was really tired last night and wouldn’t eat much but she felt well enough to want to jump on the tramp which I promptly vetoed!  She went to bed a little before 8 and slept until almost 10 this morning.  I went to bed at 9:30 and slept til 8:30 and I slept like a rock for the first time since my surgery.

So there’s my story!  Fun, fun, fun!


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