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10 things about surgery July 25, 2008

Filed under: Life — Steph @ 4:43 pm

1. Versed is the bomb

2. You have to be at the hospital an hour before surgery but you spend 45 of those 60 minutes sitting around waiting for the surgeon to arrive.

3. It takes a 4 inch incision to excise an 11 centimeter mass

4. Your husband will think the mass they removed is cool

5. Your mom and mother-in-law will tell you to go home and rest and then call three times each to see if you’re napping

6. Operating rooms are cold

7. Warm blankets are the bomb

8. They will take a jack hammer to your ribcage and the muscle surrounding the mass so you hurt as much as possible afterward

9. A simple excision hurts more than you would expect

10. Did you know they had jackhammers in the OR?  Cuz they hide them well enough you don’t see it before you are put under the influence of the Versed


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