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There’s not enough Zyrtec in the world July 9, 2008

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My allergies are awful this year. I am fully miserable. I haven’t been this sick in years. We’ve been in such a drought there were no weeds, no pollen, etc… This year we’ve had more moisture than we have in 10 years and I am feeling it. <blech> I called the Doc for a shot and they can’t get me in until like Christmas. (very slight exaggeration there) Good thing I’m not dying!

Speaking of medical issues, I am finally having this growth removed from my side. I’ve been putting it off for months but it keeps growing and I don’t want to have a 50lb. tumor hanging off my side. I have surgery to remove it on the 25th.

Elizabeth is watching Shrek the 3rd and I still have a filthy house and cages needing cleaned and I napped with her again today. I never nap but I think it’s all the allergy medicine and just flat not feeling good.

Did I mention my dryer crapped out? My mom is in 7th Heaven, she’s been wanting a new one for months and this so gave her the excuse she needed. She told my dad she had to buy a new set so I could have her “old” set. I’m way stoked, her “old” set is MUCH nicer than my set. Front loading washer and dryer, Whirpool Neptune set. You know you’re a housewife and a mom when you are more stoked about a new washer and dryer than you are the prospect of winning the lottery. 😉

The kids have an appointment to do the “old time photos” on the 16th. Since my niece is here we are having pictures done of all 5 of them. It’s rare to have a decent photography studio in town while she’s here so it’s LONG overdue. Should be interesting since Elizabeth and Joey are having theirs done first then the 5 kids. Hopefully Elizabeth will hold out that long.

Tomorrow I have to break down and go to the dreaded grocery store. We were gone and the week before that we mostly ate out or at my mom’s house so I am out of the things it takes to make a decent meal. It never ceases to amaze me how I can have a pantry full of food items but I can’t throw together a meal without a simple jug of milk. <sigh>


2 Responses to “There’s not enough Zyrtec in the world”

  1. Terra Says:

    I can’t wait to see the old time photos! I love the ones I had done of the girls, forever ago. I want to have them done again, but since I never know when they are here might have to do it in that gambling town! LOL

  2. Terra Says:

    Not sure what happened, but I also mentioned that my allergies are driving me crazy this year…

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