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I need a vacation July 8, 2008

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I know, I know I am a horrible blogger. To be totally honest I found this online role playing game and who’d have thought I would love it? Totally crazy and out of character for me but it was just the distraction I needed from life after the kids are in bed. It’s mindless clicking so a nice time waster and it took over all of my blogging time 🙂

Joe’s been gone for almost 2 months, he was home for a week and is gone for two more. Since Randy died he is having to do Randy’s job and his so he’s gone constantly. On the upside one of our friends took Randy’s job so as soon as he’s comfortable with his position Joe’s workload will ease off some. The downside of that? The friend who took the job and his wife are two of my all time favorite people and they are moving to Oklahoma for the job so we lose one of our “married couple” friends to go do things with and we have few of those to begin with for some reason.

In the spirit of not writing a book I am going to bullet what’s been going on here 🙂

1. Joe’s working

2. School’s out so I’m home with both kids and all the critters thus life is crazy

3. Turned 31 <blech> spent the day before getting my nails done. One of the few things I LOVE to do for me and never do, but after a month of Joe being gone I NEEDED the break. 🙂 The next day my MIL gave me a surprise salon day so I got a whole new hairstyle, cut, and hi-lights. Again of the few things I like to do for me and just never have time to do. So two days of Steph time was awesome.

4. Same week I made Joe take me on a “date”. We went to a grown up restaurant with no kids and then the movie to see “Get Smart” all in all a very fun night and it wasn’t a Disney movie and McDonalds!! Wanted to see the new M. Night Shamalayn (sp?) but the time frame didn’t work out so when Joe gets back if it’s still here we might have another date night. 🙂 That one made me realize how little we really do get out and especially just us. On the rare occasions we go out without the kids we go with a group. A nice night just the two of us was just what we needed.

5. Joey is going through a phase where he has a horrible smart mouth on him, does what he wants, and completely ignores me. It’s getting REALLY old. He has pushed me to the brink a couple of times. He spent most of the first month he was out of school grounded. And on that subject… what’s the deal with grounding? Surely there is a way to punish our kids that doesn’t punish us too??!! I am quite certain I am up for the Mother of the Year Award in dealing with his behavior as of late. I SO remind me of my mother. “NO” is my staple word, followed by “knock it off” or “because I said so”. The worst for me has been him completely ignoring me when I tell him to do something or worse, telling me “no”. So being the hip parent I am, I tried a little reverse psychology and said “fine if you’re going to ignore me I’ll ignore you”. After a particularly long day I did this and went outside to breathe before I killed him and he comes out with his backpack and says “if you’re going to treat me like I don’t exist I’ll just leave”. <sigh> So do I handle it well? NO! I say very calmly “you have two seconds to get back in the house before I call the police and report you as a run-away. So does he handle this well? NOT my smart mouth son, he says “you can’t call if I take the phones with me”. UGH!! So he comes in the house and takes the batteries out of my phones and I just snapped. I drug him back in the house and sat him on his bed and told him to sit there until I said otherwise or we were going to end up on the evening news. Again <sigh> This was my entire month of June I swear. I’m not exaggerating, it was literally something every SINGLE day until I thought for sure I would kill him. Times like these I wish I believed in giving him a good spanking because I truly think that’s what he needs. After that day he’s been marginally better but still mouthy. Gotta love public school.

6. (I think I’m at 6) Elizabeth is well. She is cutting her 2 year molars so she’s not been sleeping well and has been spiking crazy high temps at random times. She’s also hit the “terrible 2’s” with full force. Nothing half way for her!! She’s also learning by example a bit and following her brother’s lead and has started telling me no. UGH!! The worst part? She’s so flipping cute it’s sickening. Even when she’s being the world’s BIGGEST brat she is cute so I am biting my lip to keep from laughing when she tells me “NOOOO” and runs away. Did I <sigh> yet? She’s very head strong, and very much a tom boy. Matter of fact she’s ALL BOY! Despite my best attempts to get her to be interested in girl things like baby dolls and fixing her hair, she would rather skip bath time to play trucks in the mud. She will be the little girl with her pig tails falling apart, a frilly dress on (cuz she LOVES dresses and shoes), and scabby knees. She is a big bruise from head to toe because she goes NON-STOP and she’ll fall, get mad at whatever she tripped over, and keep going. If she’s crying it’s a serious injury. So much for my idea of having a sweet, demure, little girl I can play dress up and Barbie dolls with. She wants trucks and dirt bikes. Course, I wouldn’t have her any other way. 😉

This weekend I took my kids and went to Denver to pick up my niece. Her mother works everything on HER time table and my brother is just expected to play along (totally another post for another time). My SIL’s youngest brother got married this weekend so of course this is the ONLY weekend my niece’s mother could meet my brother to get my niece delivered for her pitiful 6 weeks of time she gets with him in a year. So, I volunteered to go get her. We stayed at the Radisson in Denver because Joe has been traveling so much we got the rooms for free. Nothing like a luxury hotel room for free to motivate you.  😉  We went down on Saturday and spent the night, got up on Sunday morning and drove to Colorado Springs to meet my niece and her mother who was as usual late getting to the meeting place, and then the 3 kids and I went to Water World. $110 to get in the door, they charged me adult price for Joey and Kaci because they are over 48 inches tall??!! And we got rained out in 2 1/2 hours!! WTH?? So they gave us a “rain check” good for the next sunny day. I’m sure that works well for the people who live in Denver but for those of us 6 hours away it’s a nice “up yours”. So we went back to the hotel where Elizabeth and I took a much needed nap and Kaci and Joey watched Horton Hears a Who on PPV. Then I took them to Chuckie Cheese for dinner and we stayed until closing. They wore me out completely. Driving home yesterday I was absolutely exhausted. I need a vacation from my “vacation”.

My house is a mess, my cages need cleaned, my dryer puked out and I have laundry piled to the ceiling and no new dryer coming until Friday, and now seemed like the perfect time to blog 😉


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