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Sick, sick, sick!! March 12, 2008

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I am about tired of influenza!  UGH!!  Joey is back to school and back to feeling almost 100%.  Elizabeth has been sick since last week and was getting worse and worse so I took her to the doctor yesterday.  She has an ear infection and “junky sounding lungs” definitely influenza.  So she’s on an antibiotic and nebulizers.  I’m sure you can imagine my thought process when they said the words “nebulizers”.  UGH!!!  For someone who’s been sick twice in her lifetime she sure gets knocked down!!  I’ve no doubt she’ll bounce back and be just fine but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have flashbacks and a panic attack. 

 She HATES the nebulizer.  Go figure!!  Whoever designed home nebulizer machines obviously never tried to use them on a toddler, sick or otherwise!  On top of all of that my insurance company doesn’t want to cover a machine so I am fighting that out with them.  Thankfully my mom has one since she has asthma so we’re using hers.  I told them today if they don’t cover a machine I’ll just have the doctor admit her for hospital treatments.  If they don’t want to pay the $200 a month for a rental machine they can pay $1000 a day for in-patient treatment.  Stupid.  Joey has one but it won’t stay charged and there’s a short in it.  I never had it fixed because he moved up to inhalers so we didn’t need it.  It’s 8 years old so I didn’t worry about it.  Another insurance company paid for that one so they can’t hold that against us either.  They’re just being difficult which is NOT a good choice to make when dealing with the health of a toddler.  It would be one thing if it was me, but they’re messing with my baby’s ability to breathe and pissing me off!!

In other news, is anyone else fully sick of election news???  I am SO tired of turning on the radio or TV and hearing NOTHING but election news!!!  These are the primaries and we are absolutely swamped with it.  What happens when we get down to two candidates vying for the actual office?  I shudder at the thought!!

 I don’t ever get political on my blog, I avoid it because I don’t want to enrage someone and end up with a death threat or worse some nasty comments on here (yes my priorities are skewed).  I will just say I am totally torn on this one.  I am a registered republican but I definitely don’t fit a “party”.  I have no clue who I’m voting for, so just this once I am going to list my thoughts and welcome “respectful” opinions.  Please, if you flame me I will delete it, so just give me your honest opinions.  If you’re offended by my thoughts then I’m sorry but tough crap, if you want to sway me, you’ll have better luck if you’re respectful about it…

These are my biggest stumbling blocks right now and they’re not so much political as personal, I’m going to try to leave my actual political stances out of it to avoid truly pissing someone off less maybe a comment or two about the war…

Hillary – You have to admire her drive and determination but where’s the self respect?  First of all, she’s like three different people.  She’s bitchy one day and in tears the next.  You have to give her props for her acting or she needs some new meds.  Then there’s Bill…  I have a hard time respecting a woman who sits idly by while her high profile husband cheats on her.  I know we shouldn’t cast stones, and maybe she truly loves him and believes in him, but I don’t believe that.  I think she stayed married to him for the position, period.  If so, where’s the self respect??  A lot of women are voting for her just to see a woman in the white house.  All I can say is…  is this the representative we truly want for womankind??  I would much rather see a truly strong, courageous, woman be our first president, even if it means it’s another 30 years in coming.  I’m waiting for Oprah to run!!

Obama – I like Obama, he’s charismatic.  BUT, does anyone else feel like they need a shower after hearing him speak (and I don’t mean this in an “I’m attracted to him” kind of way)??  It’s like he’s saying one thing but on some level you know he’s just telling you what he thinks you want to hear and you know he’s lying.  I think there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye and I get the feeling deep down he’s a little sleazy.  I also don’t like his church.  It’s one thing to say you don’t share their views, but it’s quite another to continue to go to the church despite them.  I would have respected him a lot more if he’d not only denounced the pastor’s comments, but stopped attending the church all together.  You can’t claim to be patriotic and then attend a church with a pastor that’s anything but, it’s like saying you prefer vanilla ice cream while you’re eating a bowl of chocolate with chocolate syrup on top.  I also really lost a lot of respect for him when he said Al Quaida didn’t exist in Iraq until Bush and McCain invaded.  I am not pro-war at this point, but that’s a stupid comment considering his voting record and the fact McCain didn’t have ultimate veto power and still doesn’t. 

On that note…  I think it’s dangerous to vote for someone who says “I will bring ALL of our troops home immediately” as well.  I am SO not pro-war at this point and I would like to see a good number of our troops home, I would like to see “World Peace” as much as everyone else, but I think it’s very dangerous to make that comment.  First of all, it is a hard promise to keep as just saying it gives our enemies a date to attack us.  Second of all, while I think we could pull out some troops I think to pull them all out in one fail swoop would be suicide.  At this point I’m not at all certain there IS a good way to end this war, but I am fully convinced we can’t just one day decide we’re leaving Iraq all together.  I think it has to be a gradual thing so I am leery of anyone who says “I will end this on this date”.  I would have liked to have seen a platform supporting our troops while quietly denouncing the war.  Pipe dreams I know…

McCain – I like McCain, he’s a veteran and a patriot.  He comes across very honest.  I like that he’s not fully conservative and he and I have the same views on many issues.  While I am a Christian and fairly conservative I have a great many views that clash with the true conservatives.  So I guess in a way I feel a connection with McCain because he is in the same boat.  I think the problem with the staunch conservatives is in the “black or white” way of thinking.  For them there’s no gray area.  “Abortion is a sin and should be illegal period” for example doesn’t work for me.  First of all, I think a sin is between God and the individual not the individual and the government.  Second of all, as a woman it pisses me off when people like George Bush think they can tell me what I can and can’t do with my own body.  I’m not pro-abortion by any stretch of the imagination so don’t get me wrong, but I am a woman and there is just enough feminism in me to get really irritated when the government thinks they can tell me what I can and can’t do with my body.

So, there you have it…  My political post for the quarter.  I truly do welcome any and all RESPECTFUL debate and opinions.

Oh, and I have to say as undecided as I am for no really good reasons, if one of the candidates pledged aide in the Sudan they’d sway me.  It’s the one thing I am truly passionate about right now, they need our help and we are completely ignoring them.  For that reason if George Clooney or his father were running they’d have my vote all packaged up with a pretty little bow, all other politics and view points aside.  Let’s put the strength of our great country where it’s truly most needed and wanted.


One Response to “Sick, sick, sick!!”

  1. Terra Says:

    Wow, very interesting post. I will not be voting as I don’t like any one, I am not going to waste my time and go vote for Mickey Mouse 🙂

    My problems are basically the same as yours. However, I would add that Hillary has her own pipe dream, the insurance for all thing… I love the idea behind it, but it is basically socialist medicine, and while we are all (in America) jealous that the Canadians (and others) can go to the doctor whenever, they still come over here for the “new” care…

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