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Sometimes you just have to put on your big girl panties and deal with it

Feeling better… March 2, 2008

Filed under: Kids,Life — Steph @ 10:50 pm

I am starting to feel better.  My house is clean and that helped a TON!  I function so much better when my house is in order. 

Joey is on the mend, he’s going back to school tomorrow.  I’m not convinced he’ll make a whole day but I think he needs some time out of the house, he has serious cabin fever.  He’s worse in the mornings and at night but he’s been able to cut back on his treatments and his cough isn’t as bad.  Hopefully being in the cold tomorrow won’t set off a nasty attack.

Joe got home tonight which was nice, I’m tired after the week I had.

Elizabeth is fighting off the flu as well I think.  She’s so tough, she doesn’t get sick, she sleeps a little longer than usual, eats a little less, and might be a little subdued, that’s the only way you know anything is going on with her.  She’s never even had an ear infection (knock on wood).  She just has an amazing immune system I guess, or a really good defense system in that she’s able to just sleep it off.

So far I’m not sick and that’s a blessing considering how sick Joey’s been.  I am way too tired to get sick!!  I have lots to do this week, so I just simply can’t get sick.

I am back on my diet after falling off the wagon a bit.  I didn’t gain any weight but I didn’t lose any more either, I just quit caring about it and that was bugging me, so I’m back on.

Have a good week!


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