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Not enough hours February 10, 2008

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Does your life ever get so crazy you feel like you’ll never get a chance to breathe again?  I posted a while back about how crazy things had been around here.  I felt like I’d never get dug out from under everything.  I am pleased to report I am finally start to dig out I think.  My house is in fairly decent order and outside of needing to run to the grocery store I think I am getting caught up.  I am almost afraid to say that for fear something will come along that will cause me to fall behind again, but so far so good!

I lost my oldest and favorite hedgehog this week.  It’s a fact of life for breders and pet owners I know, but this one hit me really hard.  I knew he was going and at 6 he’d lived a really long life for a hedgehog but that didn’t keep my heart from breaking.  He’s always been such a loving, sweet, charismatic hedgehog, I just can’t explain how much he meant to me.  😦  I am hoping there really is a Heaven for animals and he’s there bellying up to an unlimited meal-worm buffet.

I am trying to get our stuff together for our taxes, I think I’m about done.  YAY!  Hopefully we’ll get a decent refund with the adoption expense carry over from last year.

Joey is “Star of the Week” in his class this week.  He’s all excited about gathering his favorite things to take in to school as well as his favorite pictures.  On Friday he wants me to bring Jazz and a tenrec in.  The tenrecs are all in torpor so I’m not sure about them but I know Jazz will love it!

Elizabeth is learning new phrases and words like mad.  She’s all of the sudden got an insane ornery streak and she throws things and hits things and just all in all HATES to be told no!  I have been making her pick up whatever she throws down during her tantrums and I always take her by the hand and tell her “pick it up”.  Well… apparently she’s learning something since she threw her spoon tonight and then looked at me and said “pick it up”!  It’s good to know I’m having an impact.

Joe got home last night and he has a cold and is being typical Joe. 

Thank goodness the writer’s strike is almost over because as much as I love Animal Planet, you can only watch the same shows so many times before you want to bang your head on the wall.  I am totally addicted to their “reality shows” though, I love Orangutan Island, Lemur Kingdom, and Chimp Eden. 

We are under another Winter Weather Advisory.  3-5 inches of snow with 30 mile an hour winds are expected by tomorrow afternoon.  Yay.  I love Winter but I have to admit it’s been a really long one this year and I’m starting to get the blah’s.  I could handle 30 feet of snow if the stupid wind would just give us a break already.  We had an advisory on Saturday as well but the storm didn’t materialize.  I am kind of hoping tonight’s will be the same.  So far we’ve not had a single flake. 


3 Responses to “Not enough hours”

  1. Terra Says:

    Wow you are doing so good on posting each day! I am not sure what to think on the current events (well the Brittany one as the other one I haven’t heard of, the writers strike made me mad and I shut the darn thing off.)

    Sorry to hear about your hedgie…

    Elizabeth sounds so fun right now! Tired or not, some days I miss those time so bad. Not that my kids aren’t still cute, but still…

    YAH for Joey! Those things are so much fun.

  2. jandshyn Says:

    Ha, ha, just cuz I’m bored and avoiding folding laundry!

  3. Terra Says:

    Poke, Poke, Poke… Where is our new post?


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