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Current Events February 8, 2008

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It’s a two-post day because I have been wanting to mention this and haven’t done it.  I don’t usually blog about current events but…

On Britney Spears, am I the only person in the world who feels sorry for her and her kids??  First of all, if you listen to her early music you had to know this was coming.  Second of all, people with mental health issues endanger their kids all of the time and still have at least some visitation.  Heck, drug addicts who’ve had their kids removed get visitation!  Why can’t she see her kids in a controlled setting??  That makes NO sense to me and it drives me nuts!  I don’t just wonder for her sake, but what about those boys??  They so can’t understand what’s going on or where their mommy is, it’s not fair to them.  I also feel sorry for her because her breakdown is so in the public eye.  I know she chose this lifestyle, but when it comes down to it, did she really?  She was so young when she hit her “peak” there’s no way she could have possibly understood what a circus her life would become and no one with her kind of health issues should have to deal with them so out in the open.  When I see a new story about her I am just so sad for both her and those kids.  😦  I hope her dad can bring some stability to her life and really help her.  Also, am I the only person in the world who needs a shower after seeing something Sam Lufti has said??  He reminds me SO much of Howard K. Stern, I truly think he’s Britney’s version of Howard and we all see how that ended…

And, on Natalee Holloway…  Did you see that interview?  All I could think is “ICK” and “her poor family”.  For them to have to see that boy discuss their daughter’s life (or death if you will) in such a way had to have just been gut wrenching.  Whether he was lying or not (and I personally don’t know what to think) he’s very sick.  If he made it up he’s got a really sick mind and needs some help, and if he didn’t and it was truly basically not his fault, he should have called for an ambulance.  I also thought the “undercover agent” was something else.  I get some drugs are legal there, but I was amazed he was so offended by Joran’s actions and words as he’s really just a thug himself, he might not kill someone like that but dealing drugs isn’t really much better when you get down to it.  I thought his vision of the moral highground was a bit skewed.  I hope if that Joran did kill her, he’ll come clean but I don’t see it happening so I hope her family is really able to find some peace now as they say they will.  If it happened the way he said; it could easily have been acute alcohol intoxication and although she was probably already dead, all of this could have been avoided if he’d used that payphone to call 911.  So sad for her family and friends.


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