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Appliances can make or break you! February 1, 2008

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Joey went back to school today!  YAY!!  He still has his cough so he can’t do walking club until his peak flow is better, but he and his inhaler are at school.  🙂

I have (HAD) these great glasses, they were a special at the Hallmark store.  You know the ones, buy 3 cards get this for $5.  I loved those glasses, they had the cutest sayings on them.  There were 4 of them, today Elizabeth broke the last one.  😦

Do you have appliances you simply CAN NOT live without?  I have very few.  Most of my appliances my mom and mother-in-law have given me.  They shop via a certain “shop from home” network.  Most of them have broken or simply never worked.  But I do have a few things (not all from that network) that I would be totally lost without so I thought I’d make a list. 

1. My Cook’s Essentials pressure cooker – Hello, mashed potatoes in 9 minutes!

2. My hand me down Electro-Lux canister vaccuum – It has a really wide bare floor attachment, I don’t know what I ever did without it, I can do the whole upstairs (wood laminate flooring) in an hour!  Plus, it’s really light so doing the stairs doesn’t kill me!

3. My Shop Vac – when you have chinchillas a Shop Vac is an absolute MUST

4. My Swivel Sweeper – It sucks from all 4 sides and makes clean ups between vaccuuming a breeze, plus it will run on any terrain so it does rugs too!

5. My I-Pod boombox – OK, not much of an appliance, but I like to clean and cook to music and this thing will go anywhere!

6. My Clorox Bath Wand – These things are the BEST, they take off all kinds of stuck on soap, etc… and can get in the cracks and crevices without a lot of work on your part.

7. My Clorox Toilet Wand – You throw the heads away when you’re done!  I LOVE that since I’m such a germ-a-phobe, no nasty toilet brushes laying around for 18 month olds to play with!

I’m sure there are others in my house but those are the ones I use most often and I truly couldn’t live without! 


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