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Gadgets are so cool… January 30, 2008

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I have this little gadget is some Google desktop thing, I can just click “Write new entry” and it brings me right to this page from my desktop.  Awww…  the little things that tickle!

 I am on a new kick for the New Year.  My husband travels all of the time, he’s home more now than he used to be but he’s still gone a lot.  If you are a single mother or if your husband travels a lot you probably know how difficult it can be to cook for yourself and two kids.  Not to mention the whole routine you HAVE to establish and keep to in cases like these.  I personally have a non-stop crazy house from 4 PM until 8 PM.  It’s get Joey from school, get homework done, make dinner, do dishes, baths, snacks, toothbrusing, bedtime stories, and finally tucked in.  WHEW!!  So…  I am a sucker for take out.  I try to pick take out from the good restaraunts, we don’t do McDonalds or Wendys or things like that, but we do take out.  It’s simple and there’s less waste.  My family is forever telling me you spend more money when you eat out than you do if you cook at home.  So…  I am going to find out.  I’m not a scientist, I can’t factor in leftovers going to waste and stuff but I can look at the bottom line.  I keep my checkbook register on MSN Money so it’s a simple thing to see what I spend on groceries vs. eating out.  We don’t do boxed foods, I am not a fan of Hamburger Helper.  I do however confess to Kraft Mac n’ Cheese night or a hot dog night or two.  So, we’ll see at the end of the year if we save or not.  We aren’t eating out for a full year (barring special occasions like a birthday of course) and at the end of the year I’ll compare last year’s registers to this year’s and see if we truly save money.  🙂

 Do you think I’ll save money?  Drop me a line and let me know. 

Oh and I should add…  we live in Wyoming, produce costs a fortune and it’s very poor quality by the time it gets here, I have to go once a week for a new head of lettuce or new potatoes so that will add to the cost.  I’m not figuring in anything geographic.  On the flip side I have a freezer full of meat, this is ranching country after all.  🙂


One Response to “Gadgets are so cool…”

  1. Terra Says:

    You know when it is really busy around here we do lots of crock pot meals, and homemade TV dinners. For the TV dinners I cook enough for a couple of meals, and use those portioned plastic plates, freeze and reheat a week later 🙂

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