Who are these kids and why are they calling me mom?

Sometimes you just have to put on your big girl panties and deal with it

Brrr… January 29, 2008

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I have ALWAYS loved Winter.  I’ve been a Wyoming girl most of my life so I really had no choice.  I truly love the snow and cold…  I have to say though, enough is ENOUGH!!  Last night is was -10 with wind gusts up to 50 MPH.  HOLY CRAP!!!  Do you know how cold it is when the wind blows that hard?  I think the last wind chill I saw was -38.  It’s completely insane people!!  I can only say thank goodness we live in a low area with houses on every side so we don’t drift, my mom and dad weren’t so lucky.  I saw on the “high wind alert” (no kidding huh?) they measured a gust west of Spearfish at 105 MPH.  That’s about 90 miles east of here.  I think our highest was near 75 MPH but the sustained wind speed was at 20 to 30 MPH.  People in Chicago think they have it bad…

Joey is still sick today and says his chest hurts when he coughs, he is at the doctor right now with Joe.  Speaking of which, my hubby ROCKS!!  My knee has been bothering me for months and I am ignoring it because I hate the thought of needles in my joints.  UGH!!  But I slipped on the ice in CO and really tweaked it good so my hubby volunteered to take Joey to the doctor to keep me off the ice.  He’s the best!!

MY new 90 lb. dog (notice I finally said MY) thinks rocks make good chew toys.  Not just rocks but concrete pavers left over from the building of my tree well.  It’s not a full sized paver, it’s a chunk of one, but just the same it doesn’t make a pretty indoor decoration.  Especially not when it’s covered with slobber and snow.  ICK!!  She chews, she has since puppyhood apparently.  I noticed a couple of days ago her teeth are very blunted and a few are completely gone.  Apparently her previous owner said she just chewed them down to nothing.  WOW!!  Imagine her as a puppy!!  She’s SUCH a great dog but her chew toys are going to break me.  She went through all of my dogs’ toys in about 15 minutes, thank goodness for Kong.  She also has trouble understanding just because Elizabeth gives it to her doesn’t mean it’s a chew toy.  Go figure!!  Elizabeth gets really irritated when her toys get chewed on but she keeps giving them to Jazz.  It’s quite the relationship!  I will say, she hasn’t chewed a single shoe, apparently she never chewed anything truly off limits even as a puppy.  She just thinks Lizzie’s toys are hers.

Do you ever get sick of noise?  Joey’s been home sick for 3 days and parked on the couch since Saturday so he’s had the TV on non-stop.  I like a TV program as much as the next person although I usually record them and watch them when I fold laundry during nap time; but OMG I am so sick of the noise!!  I can handle music on 24/7, but the TV just begins to grate on me for some reason lately.  UGH  I would prefer kids screaming, dogs barking, kids running in and out, anything but that stupid TV.

 Thank you all for your ideas on the diaper rash!  Much appreciated and I’ll try them ALL!!  One thing I forgot to mention…  My grandma’s hair dresser (say that 3 x fast) treats cancer patients when their scalps begin to blister.  She swears by goat’s milk soaps.  She made me some oatmeal ones so they’re completely natural.  I’ve been using them on Elizabeth for about 10 days now and I have to say they are working!!  Her bottom is MUCH better than it was.  She says it’s because the goat’s milk soaps are so pure.  Whatever it is, I would recommend it if you have a skin problem.

I don’t know where Elizabeth’s skin sensitivity comes from.  Her birth mom has an amazing complexion.  I mean truly amazing, the kind you’re jealous of.  I can only assume it comes from her birth dad’s side of the family and since we have no clue who they are I can’t ask them about it.  Times like these are when I envy people who know both birth parents.  It would be so nice to have this information.  All I have is his first name and a general physical description.  I can guess she got her complexion and her eyes from him, but other than that it’s like missing the reflective portion of a mirror.  You may as well just be looking through plain glass.


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