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I am out of witty title ideas… January 28, 2008

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Like I ever had any to begin with!

I am generally not an emotional eater but I must have become one because I swear I have gained back all 20 lbs. in the last 6 months.  The scale doesn’t show it but I can feel it!!  Probably because there was food everywhere.  When people are sick or dying other people bring food.  I don’t eat well, I am not a 3-meal-a-day person.  I am rarely hungry during the day so it’s uncommon for me to eat 3 meals a day.  Apparently when people are sick or dying you HAVE to eat those 3 meals.  I am trying to get back on track because it is irritating me.

My baby has hit the terrible 2’s early.  I’m sure since she was SUCH a good baby I am paying for it now.  I also happen to know the terrible 2’s are better than the 3’s and 4’s so I am totally screwed!!! 

She is also WAY in to cleaning everything.  She loves to use paper towels and tissues to clean the floors, walls, windows, dogs, etc…  TOO cute!!  Too bad she won’t find it fun when she is old enough for chores!! 

If you have diaper rash tips I can use them.  Elizabeth has the worst diaper rash I’ve ever seen.  They decided she was lactose intolerant and lactose = diarrhea = blisters on the butt.  I am talking gaping blisters that nothing heals.  We’ve tried everything from Aveeno to prescriptions.  No one has any ideas so our next step is a wound specialst or a dermatologist or both.  She also turns blue if it’s under 75 degrees.  A trip to the ER and a full work up later and it’s just her complexion.  Who knew?

Joey is home sick today.  I am not happy about this.  He has missed a TON of school this year with the illnesses and deaths in our family.  Because of that I had to leave him here when I went to Colorado.  It was just as well and I would have done it anyway, but two weeks without them stunk and I missed is birthday.  We’d already celebrated it, but I missed the actual day which really bothered me, luckily my SIL, broher, and Joe made a day of it.  My brother and SIL sent him baloons at school and they took him to his favorite restaraunt for dinner.  He’s having a belated sleepover this weekend so his birthday gets to drag out almost a month.  He’s not bummed about it!

  He’s laying on the couch watching “Zoom” sniffling.  So far it’s not in his lungs and I am praying it stays that way. 

A while back I wrote a post about problems we were having with his choice of friends.  Partcularly a neighbor boy.  Turns out we were right and I should have stepped in.  Who knew?  That’s another post, maybe tomorrow.  But a black eye later and he’s officially not allowed to be anywhere near him. 

We have a “new” dog.  I haven’t started calling her “my dog” yet.  It’s bittersweet.  She’s my grandpa’s dog.  The kids LOVE her and she’s very sweet.  I’ll put up pictures and give her an introduction post later.

I have chinchilla babies everywhere.  I am officially out of room.  Anyone want one??  🙂


7 Responses to “I am out of witty title ideas…”

  1. Coco Says:

    Try Monistat or Clotrimazole cream for the diaper rash combined with a natural diaper rash ointment like California Baby.

    Seriously. I have a friend whose daughter got diaper rash so bad it bled. This worked. Good luck!

  2. jandshyn Says:

    Thanks! We tried both of those as well as Vusion to no avail. 😦

    Here’s a list of what we’ve tried (if they have a star next to them they worked best):

    Aveeno Oatmeal Bath *
    Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream *
    A&D Ointment *
    Beaudrux’s Butt Paste (sp?)
    Magic Cream (compounded at the pharmacy – prescription)
    Another prescription anti-fungal I can’t remember the name of but it was basically Clotrimazole
    Iodine to keep it from getting infected
    That udder cream stuff I can’t remember the name of
    Baking Soda baths
    Epsom Salt baths

    So far the best results come when we soak her for 20 minutes in either Aveeno Oatmeal baths or Baking Soda baths and then us A&D Ointment with a cream on top. The doctor keeps telling us to keep up a “good barrier”. Neosporin works as well as the A&D so it’s just the ointment with the cream over top I guess. But nothing completely heals it.

    Her butt literally blisters and bleeds. Right now she has a sore that looks like someone took a knife and sliced her. It was so bad while I was gone Joe was afraid it was some kind of flesh eating bacteria. (Not kidding here) They’ve done cultures but nothin grows out including yeast.

    I swear we could literally catch her poop in a bucket and it would still bliste her butt. The doctors think it’s just her skin is super sensitive. Thus our next step is a dermatologist followed by a wound care specialist.

    It gets worse when she cuts a tooth as teeth cutting seems to trigger diarrhea in her and it’s somewhat better since we went to Soy Milk. Oddly she can eat cheese and things like that without a problem but she CAN NOT tolerate a glass of any kind of milk and she can’t handle any kind of acidic fruit or juice. She can tolerate a non-acidic juice diluted with water. We also use purified water only.

    I am working on potty training her as I think that’s the only thing going to help, but so far she just sits there and plays toys.

    So, hopefully that gives a bit more information.

    It’s really horrible when you say the word diaper and your 17-month-old screams bloody murder. 😦 Makes you feel like a monster.

    One of my aunts suggested feeding her yogurt which I stupidly hadn’t thought of so I bought some and thankfully she loves it. We’ll see if it helps.

  3. Coco Says:

    Oh, yikes. Poor you and poor babe. 😦

    OK, this may sound weird but…how about dabbing plain yogurt on the rash itself between changes and allowing it to air out? Also, you may want to get her an Acidophilus supplement in addition to her eating the yogurt.

    It sounds like your daughter may be sensitive to chemicals in some of the products. Desitin, Bodreaux’s, even Aveeno baby products have parabens in them. The ointments are better, but are made with petrolatum, which can irritate sensitive skin. Alba makes a product called UN-Petroleum Jelly, which is unscented and made with vegetable ingredients only. I mentioned California Baby, which my sensitive son and I love, because they do not use harsh chemicals and only use essential oils in their scented products.

    Check out http://www.californiababy.com They aren’t cheap, but they’re so worth it.

    I hope you and your sweet girl find some relief soon!

  4. Coco Says:

    Oh, I forgot: Tea Tree oil is a natural antifungal and antiseptic. It is good mixed in unscented ointments to help clear up infections.

  5. Yoli Says:

    I am sorry I have no remedies for diaper rash as my children only had mild cases. I love your new blog, I came across it from Nic’s blog. I had a wonderful professor (theatre costume)who lives Wyoming, her name is Billie Kay.

    Take good care and I hope you find a cure for your little ones diaper rash. Love that you have so many animals. I am a huge animal lover.

  6. Terra Says:

    OH, if I wouldn’t have swore to Dust that I wouldn’t get any more critters of any kind (this was after getting in trouble for bring home Nina’s new cat without asking) I would SO bring home a chin baby…

    Must think of a way to talk him into one!

    I don’t know if it will work for your baby, but Nina had a really bad problem like that as well… I let her run around with panties on for a few weeks (yes it was gross) but it really cleared up the rash. Good luck on finding the right foods for her! Thankfully Katrina outgrew all of her allergies (well for the most part).


  7. Brandi Says:

    I know this is an older post of yours, but I googled diarrhea that blisters and realized my son is having the same symptoms your daughter had. Absolutely everything is similar to my son. This helps me quite a bit. I’m so glad I found it!

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