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I can’t sleep… October 10, 2007

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What is my problem?  I CAN NOT sleep!  I am either tossing and turning until 3 AM or up at 3 AM.  It’s insane!  I tossed and turned for hours on Monday night before falling asleep.  Last nigt I was dead tired, I went to bed at 10PM and went right to sleep and I’m up at 3:30.  It’s like the magic number is 5 hours or 3 AM whichever comes first and then I’m up and I can’t sleep any more but I’m so tired I can’t keep my eyes open!!  BLECH!!

 I have nothing to really post on.  I am trying to get ready for a weekend trip.  It’s my first trip away from my kids in 15 months.  Usually I have one or both with me.  This weekend it’s just me and as much as I love being a mom and love my kids I am so looking forward to adult company for a whole weekend!!  I am going to a hedgehog show in Denver with my friend Cory from Billings.  We are sharing a room with two other women to save money so we have more to spend on the cute little hedgie goodies at the vendor tables!

 Usually I take hedgehogs to show.  This year I’m not.  One of the judges and I don’t mesh, no point in taking them plus in years past things happened and now I’m just not putting myself or my hedgehogs out there. 

I am taking a chinchilla down for a friend in Colorado and picking up a hedgehog from her and I am picking up at least one tenrec.  Technically there will be two there for me but one is an angry little guy and knowing as little as I do about them I am reserving my right to decide not to take him just in case.  They’re a fairly new pet species so I don’t want to take one who’s really grumpy and will bite my finger off.  Not only just for the obvious value of my fingers but because if he bites I’ll be leery of him and what if I miss some lump or bump or something with him?

Tenrecs for those of you wondering are a cousin to the hedgehog, they’re from Madagascar and they are super fun!  They are a little more laid back than the hedgehog.  They’re bigger body wise and their quills are black and softer.  There are several types of tenrecs, more than I ever knew actually.  These are Greater Hedgehog Tenrecs so if you Google them make sure that’s the kind you look for.  Hedgehogs and tenrecs are both related to the shrew family, they aren’t a rodent.  Tenrecs have feet like a shrew, they climb very well and they have little fingers with long, thin nails they can use to hold on to things.  A very friendly tenrec will climb your arms and hang from you.  My friend in Billings has a little girl that’s a complete doll.  They don’t quill like hedgehogs, their quills are not as sharp or effective so when they’re threatened they bite instead and I am told they can bite quite hard.

 I’ve been interested in them for years but when everyone got theirs I was leery so I decided to wait a while and see how they did.  They’ve done fair as far as health goes.  It’s a lot of trial and error.  They seem to need to torpor and apparently it can’t be stopped, some of the people who bought them originally lost them after torpor.  Depending on who you talk to there are different theories as to why.  Some think they were masking illness by going in to torpor, some think their diets were insufficient, and some think they just were just weak.  Whatever the reason there seems to be a little bit better understanding now but I think it’s still nerve wracking.  When my friend’s tennie went in to torpor I thought she would have a heart attack, but she came out a couple of weeks ago and she seems no worse for the wear.

We made a new contact who has a herd of 5 tennies he imported from the wild.  He was a zookeeper for several years and has had his tennies for a long time.  They have been very hardy and he had some really interesting things to tell us regarding diet, habitat, etc…  He’s been really helpful.  He has 4 babies so we each agreed to take two.  They will be here near the end of November and I’m really excited.  We’ll have two completely unrelated lines to draw from which has been a big problem.  There just aren’t that many out there so we really lucked out, hopefully between the two of us we can produce some very healthy, friendly tennies.  🙂

Nothing much else to report…  Joe and I had our 7th anniversary on Sunday.  It’s the 6th year he hasn’t been here for it.  I didn’t post about it because admittedly I was a little sad he wasn’t here.  Last year was the first and only year he hasn’t been out of town for work.  Likewise his birthday was Monday and he’s been gone for that every year as well.  There was no school Monday so I spent my anniversary with my kids and a friend Joey had sleep over.  It was very romantic!  😉  I am so hoping next year we can be together for our anniversary!

Elizabeth is 15-months-old tomorrow and she’s not walking yet.  I have no clue why not.  She could if she wanted to.  She will do it on accident and she will walk her little heart out if you hold her hand but she won’t just let go.  She was shy about crawling too, same thing, she could do it she just chose not to.  She walks around furniture at warp speed and stands up without any aid but she’ll plop down to crawl every time, I guess it’s just faster and easier.

 She’s very stubborn, she is trying to teach herself to climb obstacles like a bean bag, the hearth, etc…  If she falls she’ll pout for a second and then get right back up and try again.  She gets this really determined look on her face and tries until she has it down.  I’m sure her determination will be a huge asset to her in life but right now it’s a little scary.  I am constantly trying to find the balance between letting her conquer her fears and keeping her safe.  She learns a new word or phrase every day.  Yesterday it was “bad dog” which is too cute for words!  She now says: mommy, daddy, kitty, puppy, bad dog, gotta go, gotta get it, get it, you go, you stop, Joey, thank you, bye bye, and NO!

Joey is doing amazingly well in school this year.  Not a single problem with his teachers or his behavior.  I think having teachers who are willing to work with him rather than against him has made all of the difference.  It has really made me wish I woud have pulled him from the other class though.  I keep telling myself he grew stronger through the adversity.  He’s already at the target reading level for the year and the teachers told us he is their best student (academically).  He is so much happier this year, he wants to go to school, no more playing sick to avoid his teacher and a bad situation.  He joined the “walking club” so he goes after school with a group of kids and two staff members and they walk Mon-Thurs for 45 minutes.  It’s part of the “Healthy Kids” initiative and he enjoys it.  He just started last week and I think after I get home from Denver and get settled back in Elizabeth and I will start walking with him.

Joe’s doing well at his new job, he wraps up his class in Grand Junction on Saturday and then he’s on to Pampa to teach the class there on his own.  He’s nervous about having to do it all by himself but I’m sure he’ll do great!

Have a great day!


2 Responses to “I can’t sleep…”

  1. Terra Says:

    Wow the critters sound interesting. I am glad to hear that Elizabeth and Joey are doing so well. I always want to ask, but don’t want to sound to “needy”. After all that lack of adults thing is something I have quite a bit of too. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  2. Nicole Says:

    would love to find out more about the tenrecs

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