Who are these kids and why are they calling me mom?

Sometimes you just have to put on your big girl panties and deal with it

I know, I know… September 7, 2007

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I know it’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted, but I just didn’t have the time…

So, a quick summary of what I’ve been up to before we get back down to real blogging business…

1. Thank you ALL for voting for Lizzie! She didn’t win, but she did get one of the 5th place prizes. I think lots of kids did, but we’re not complaining. 🙂 She got a gift card to snapfish for free prints, a gift card to HP, and a certificate.

2. My niece was here for a month visiting her dad so she was over here during the day most days. Most days I had her and my older nephew. It was really crazy around here. You don’t realize how it can wear you out to have extra kids, and they’re old enough they keep themselves occupied, but just them running in and out and moderating them wore me out!!

My niece is getting SO grown up. She’s almost 12 now. She LOVED the babies, Lizzie loved her so much, it was a ton of fun.

3. My niece spilled a cup of coffee on my lap top and fried it. That stunk!! You don’t realize how dependant on them you become until you have to revert to the desk top!! With 4 kids in and out all day I didn’t have any time to blog or anything else!! So, my new lap top got here last week, thank goodness!!

4. Joe broke his foot on the 5th of July. He got home from his rotation in the Gulf on the 4th and broke his foot on the 5th. That STUNK!! He had surgery the following Monday and I had an extra kid in him!

5. My baby girl turned one year old on August 11th. I am just blown away by how the time is flying by. It feels like she’s always been here. That’s another post in itself! I have pictures from the Summer to post but they’re still on the zip drive from the other lap top so I’ll get them pulled off ASAP.

6. School’s back in session. WHEW! My niece went home, my older nephew started kindergarten, and the neighborhood boys are here only 3 hours a day instead of 8-10! Not to mention it’s SO quiet around here during the day!! Lizzie and I are having a good time during the day. She’s trying to walk, she’s walking around furniture and standing on her own. I think she’ll be walking any day now. She’s eating toddler meals and table food and only having formula right before bed. She’s in to everything, learning new words every day, and just amazing to watch. She’s so much fun right now!! She’s starting to test her limites and boundaries and has her own little brand of temper now. :o)

7. This last week and a half has been a tough one. My mom’s step dad has alcohol induced hepatitis and a severely damaged liver, he had to give up liquor completely, one more drink will kill him, he’s what you would call a “functional alcoholic”. He doesn’t drink until he’s drunk and he’s been drinking for YEARS, but he drinks enough it’s killing him. So far he’s doing very well, the doctors sufficiently scared him and he doesn’t want to die that way, so he hasn’t so much as thought about having a drink in two full weeks. The damage is done and it may be too late, but he can buy himself time by not ever having another drink. We are holding our breath and praying he can really stick with his lifestyle change. He’s an ornery old man but he’s ours and we don’t want to lose him. My mom’s step mom has been really sick as well, nothing life threatening, she had gall stones and as a diabetic didn’t handle the surgery well. And as if that wasn’t enough, we found out today that my great grandfather is dying. He’s in congestive heart failure. His aorta is not functioning, he needs open heart surgery but he can’t survive it. So they said his time is short. I am devastated about this. I know I am so lucky to have great grandparents still alive. They have been a HUGE part of my life, until about 7 years ago they traveled every year and stopped in here for a week or two. I have a really close, really large family on both sides. I have 3 sets of grandparents living and the one set of great grandparents. Every 3 years we have reunions on my maternal grandmother’s side of the family. We haven’t had one since I was pregnant with Joey. My great grandparents just haven’t been able to make the trips any more. It appears that one will have been the last and we didn’t even know it. We haven’t seen my great grandparents since my brother’s wedding. Joey was a baby, my nephew wasn’t born yet, and we didn’t have Elizabeth. I am really struggling with the thought my grandpa will die before he gets to know my daughter. I am struggling with the fact my kids don’t know them, that they missed out on having this two amazingly loving people in their lives as much as we did. They have been married 60 + years. My grandma will not live much longer than my grandpa. They’re one of those couples who live for each other, so we all know and are prepared for that fact. Being prepared for it, knowing it’s coming, knowing he’s (they) are ready doesn’t make it any less painful for me. At this point I can’t take my kids down there. School aside, my grandparents are just not up to company in the form of small children.

And, finally, so as not to end this on a depressing note…

A few really great things have happened in the past few weeks.

Joey is doing well at school. I think the Summer enrichment program helped him a lot. It kept him in that “I must sit still and control my boredom” mind set and so far he’s doing very well. He went to a birthday party tonight for a little girl in his class. He was the ONLY boy there. ;o) He’s a little ladies man. Apparently one of the girls has a crush on him.

Joe took a new job yesterday. He will be a “principal technical instructor”. He will be traveling only about 10 days out of every 45, working out of the house when he’s not out teaching actual courses, and it’s a large jump in pay. He’ll be out of the field and behind a desk which really makes me happy. He’ll be instructing the guys who have been working for Halliburton for a while, he’ll be teaching them how to figure out how much and what kind of cement to pump in to holes so they can also move up the ladder. His best friend had this job but he moved up to teaching the next level of classes and asked Joe to take over his job. It’s a really good job and a really good opportunity so we’re excited. It means he’ll be home A TON more which might drive me nuts, but it’s a big step up the ladder.

And last but not least, one of my dear friends brought her son home from Vietnam this week!! I am SO excited for her!! She’s been waiting a long time to become a mommy and there’s no one I can think of who will be better at it!! He’s an amazingly beautiful baby and I am just SO happy for them!! So, congrats to them and lots of love!!

I promise to get back in to the swing of my blogging now and not take such a long break again! :o)


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