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May Day Weight Loss Challenge May 10, 2007

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I can’t get the button to work in my sidebar for some reason so for now it’s in this post!

I am a couple of days late with my post because I can’t shake this pneumonia, but I really wanted to get it up today!

I am joining the “May Day Weight Loss Challenge” over at Tales from the Scales. I’ve been dieting and doing Weight Watchers for a while now. I’ve lost a total of 18 lbs. with another 40 to go to reach my ultimate goal weight. I would really like to be close to my goal by Christmas.

The May Day Weight Loss Challenge ends on September 18 and by then I should be really close to my goal weight.

How am I losing the weight? What are my goals?

1. Portion control – that’s a big one for me and something I’ve been doing very well at

2. Cut out soda – I am not a sweets person but I drink a few sodas so I’ve cut that way down to maybe one a week.

3. Weight Watchers – I can’t say enough here, the points system works people!!!

4. Healthy Snacking – Again I don’t do sweets but I am making healthier choices in my snacks

5. Higher activity level – Elizabeth and I have been walking almost every day and if I can’t get outside to walk (our weather has been horribly odd) I make sure to do a workout DVD or even just run the vacuum or clean cages.

Why do I want to lose the weight? That’s simple, I’ve been battling my weight since I was 12 and I am tired of it. I want to be healthier, I want to be around when my kids are adults, I want to have the energy to keep up with my kids and eventually my grandkids. I don’t want to have diabetes, back pain, asthma, heart disease, or any of the other million weight related health problems!!! Another of my main goals is to pass on healthy eating habits to my kids so they don’t have to struggle like I did. This has been a household wide change in our lifestyle and we are all happier for it!!

So, there you have it… I have an ultimate goal of 44 lbs my original goal was 62 lbs and let me tell you, losing 18 lbs is an amazing motivator!!

Good luck to the rest of you involved in the challenge!!!


One Response to “May Day Weight Loss Challenge”

  1. Terra Says:

    Thank you! I am totally stealing this from you!!!


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