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Lumps, Pneumonia, Kids, and Critters May 1, 2007

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So my lump is a benign lypoma (sp?) just as suspected. I am really relieved to hear that, just the thought of a possibly malignant growth had me a little freaked out. It’s in the fatty layer but deep enough it requires an actual surgeon to remove it. Thankfully it’s not in the muscle or attached to the rib as was suspected, it’s just deep in to the fatty layer. It’s 6 cm by 8 cm and I guess that’s fairly large as far as tumors go the radiologist didn’t tell me the depth he just said “it’s really pretty deep”. I can’t decide if I should remove it or leave it so I’m still debating that fact. Apparently it can get bigger but so far it’s the same size it was a month ago when we found it. It’s not painful unless it’s touched so it’s really just something I can ignore and the thought of surgery for something not necessarily requiring removal isn’t something I’m big on. So… I’m still thinking on it. Any suggestions??

I’m not dead, I’ve been a little swamped, I have hedgie babies going to new homes both in town and out. Two are flying out this weekend, one to Boston and one to Seattle. I don’t know for sure but I think Boston might be the farthest we’ve had one go so far. One went to Charlotte, NC and I’m geographically challenged so I’m not real sure which is further. :o)

Joey’s in soccer and the season has been quick and busy, 3 games a week for 4 weeks now, three we had to cancel for weather so we’re making them up this week and then we’re done. WHEW!! I enjoy the games and being outside in the Spring weather (when it’s nice) but 3 games in a week is tough when they are right at dinner time, it throws everything off, as of right now Joey’s still up and his bed time is 8 PM, 33 minutes late and counting and let me tell you, he needs to be in bed because he’s tired!!

Elizabeth is cutting more teeth I think, she’s uncharacteristically fussy and has been for about 4 days, hopefully they’ll finish breaking through VERY soon!! It’s so miserable for her! She’s such a sweet, loving, happy baby all of the time but these teeth have really turned her world upside down, one bottom tooth is through and I think the 2nd will be through in the next day or two. She has her 9 month checkup on the 15th and I think she’ll weigh in at over 20 lbs. She’s moving up in to 18 month clothes this weekend as the 12 month are getting snug. She’s so tall! I’m excited to see what her height and weight are. Joey was always too short for clothes as a baby and now he has to wear slims because he’s so dang tall and skinny. I’m not used to a baby who can wear actual baby sized clothes and actually fits them!! I’m also not used to a baby who grows so dang fast!! I can’t wait to see how much she’s grown since her last appointment!

I was working on Spring cleaning but a nasty cold knocked me on my butt last week, I felt lousy for 4 days so made an appointment with the doctor but the day of the appointment I woke up feeling better so I canceled it. I feel 100% better but I have this dang lingering cough and fatigue I can’t get over. At my lump re-check today I mentioned it and guess what? I apparently have walking pneumonia! I swear I don’t feel bad enough to have pneumonia! I thought it was just a lingering cough! It’s nice to have a reason for the cough and fatigue but I really don’t have time to be sick!

Joe’s supposed to leave on Friday but he’s been supposed to leave for two weeks so we’ll see. They keep pushing him back because the rig’s not ready, hopefully it will be ready this time and he can leave on Friday, he’s been home 6 full weeks and the overseas bonus money he makes goes a long way toward paying off the last of the lawyer bills so as much as we miss him and love having him home, he took the position for the bonuses he gets overseas to give us a nest egg.

So… that’s a quick update on what’s been going on here! Lucas is doing awesome, growing like a bad weed, Logan’s settling in to his role as big brother very well but is struggling some with his parents being so tired and having to share them so he’s been playing over here a lot which Joey and Logan both love. Joey’s doing well, playing soccer and enjoying the amazing weather we’ve been having, on the weekend I think he came in to eat and sleep and that’s about it!


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