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And in other news… April 13, 2007

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I have a mass on my right top ribs or at least in the same area. Most likely a benign tumor but it’s apparently possibly attached to my rib. It’s visible with the naked eye, that’s how I noticed it, I was putting my jammies on and happened to glance in the mirror. I noticed my side felt a little odd but gave it little consideration because I noticed it when I was lifting Elizabeth or doing something that caused me to stretch.

It tends to feel like something’s being tugged on that side when I stretch or bend to the left. It doesn’t ache or hurt and isn’t bothersome in any other way unless someone pushes on it, if they push on it I feel it in my rib and it’s uncomfortable.

Apparently it’s fairly deep so will require surgical removal and it’s 6 cm wide by 8 cm long. I don’t know if that’s large or not as far as masses go.

My doctor isn’t overly concerned, he thinks it’s a Lypoma (sp?) which are almost always just benign fatty tumors but I have a chest X-Ray and ultrasound in the morning. Apparently malignant tissue or even suspect tissue should look different in those two tests so if it looks suspicious I’ll have to have it removed immediately (if it’s operable in the first place).

I am not sure it’s not been there for a while and I just never noticed it, it’s hard to say, but my recent weight loss (12 lbs. and counting) may be the reason I noticed it in the first place.

I’m really not all that worried about it based on what the doctor and my mom (she’s an RN) have told me, but I will feel better after the tests and even better once it’s out of there!

After my tests I have to go help my dad, with Rob and Amy both being gone he’s running the car store all by himself and he’s of course been super busy the past 3 days. Joe helped him get cars to various places they needed to go today and is helping him get some he bought from Casper home on Saturday so tomorrow I am going in to clean up what I’m sure is a mess of paperwork.

Today was my mom’s 48th birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!! We went to dinner and my crazy sister-in-law insisted on coming. We had a nice dinner out and then went to my mom’s to visit and have cake and presents. My dad got her an awesome bouqet of flowers that I can’t even begin to describe, they are just amazing, very different and exotic. She also got a new car, it’s an Acura RL and it’s super cool. It has push button start! You don’t need a key for anything, you have a little key fob and when you’re within so many feet of the car with the fob you can open the doors without unlocking them and you can start it with a button, it also has a back up camera and bluetooth. It’s very cool!

After dinner I got to snuggle with Lucas a lot so that was nice. It’s so hard to snuggle with them in the hospital! He slept the WHOLE time! Elizabeth entertained everyone with her waving, trying to crawl, and just her general outgoing personality. It was a nice evening!

Now I’m off to bed to try to sleep since I have to be up in the morning for my tests and then go do paperwork!


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  1. Jen Says:

    praying for you too

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