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A quick update on Lucas April 13, 2007

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Lucas is home, we still don’t know exactly what we’re facing but he was healthy enough to be able to come home.

An ultrasound yesterday showed the right kidney is still extremely dilated and not functioning and definitely damaged. He peed on the nurse at birth so they think he’s urinating which means the left kidney is hopefully taking up the slack and he’s not building up toxins in his other kidney or his bladder. His pediatrician is moderately concerned so she put a call in to the urologists that had been looking at the scans in utero. They said he will probably need surgery to either place a stent or remove the kidney completely but they may be able to use medications of some kind. So we really still don’t know what we might need to do or what he might be facing.

They assure us he can live a normal life with one kidney should it come down to that since the other kidney is perfectly fine, they just have to determine whether or not the damaged kidney needs to be removed or can be left in place.

Amy is not sure he’s urinating today. He hasn’t had any wet diapers but he’s having a lot of messy diapers as he tries to pass the muconium (sp?) so that makes it difficult to tell if he’s urinating when he poops. If he still hasn’t had any just wet diapers tomorrow he has to go in to see the doctor. If he has, they have a test scheduled for Tuesday to measure his urine output. I didn’t get the whole detailed version, but it has to do with dying his urine so they can measure it.

Please pray he’s urinating and his kidneys and bladder aren’t building up toxins that will require an emergency surgery, he’s so tiny, the thought of a major surgery on him is really scary.

Another problem they’re having is eating. He doesn’t eat well. Amy is breastfeeding but he’s not interested. He will suck twice on each side and then fall asleep. Her milk isn’t in yet because he’s not sucking enough to bring it up they don’t think. Before he was sent home today he was down to 8 lb 1 oz so the pediatrician said he must be supplemented until her milk comes in and he’s eating better. If he doesn’t gain back some weight by Monday he may have to be bottle fed. Amy is really trying, Logan wouldn’t breast feed either, they tried everything and he just wouldn’t suck, she saw the lactation counselor and they tried and tried so she was really hoping Lucas would do well. She’s a little bummed about the prospect of not being able to nurse him, but he can’t keep losing weight at the rate he has been either. He was up and down all night last night and Amy is very tired. At 3:30 AM they decided to supplement him and let her sleep because she was just so exhausted.

I am praying his apparent lack of appetite is not related to his kidney problem.

Logan is being the VERY helpful big brother, almost too helpful! He has school tomorrow but if he’s still being “a little too helpful” tomorrow I might go get him and keep him with me in the afternoon.

I have some other news to write about so I’ll put that in a new post. I skipped Wordless Wednesday this week and Thursday Thirteen because being a new auntie is tiring!

Thank you all for your lovely comments and e-mails of support and congratulations! They mean so much to me!!


One Response to “A quick update on Lucas”

  1. Jen Says:

    My prayers continue for Lucas

    nice thats hes home

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