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Tackle it Tuesday – #9 April 9, 2007

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Tackle It Tuesday Meme

** I figured the updates required their own posts so they can be found HERE & HERE and now that I’ve updated I am going to bed because I am just absolutely exhausted!!**

This week’s tackle is not so much about me. My sister-in-law (my brother’s wife) is VERY pregnant and absolutely miserable. It’s been a tough pregnancy for her in a lot of ways.

She had some bleeding early on and even some contractions. They discovered her placenta was very low lying so they decided to keep a very close eye on it, but basically said there was nothing they could do. She took it easy and they started doing weekly ultrasounds.

During those ultrasounds they discovered the baby has a health problem. The baby’s kidneys are dilated. They’ve been dilated (enlarged) the entire time. The left kidney is smaller than the right, the right is three times the size it should be at this point. They’ve consulted pediatric urologists in Denver and they believe the kidney will return to normal size after birth but they have warned us the baby will most likely have permanent damage on the right side. We won’t know the extent of the problem until after the baby is born. So, we just have no idea what we will be dealing with and the baby may have to be flown to Denver for treatment.

The end of the pregnancy has been the worst, my sister-in-law is just absolutely huge. The baby is large, she’s measuring two to three weeks ahead of her dates and has been all along. She’s very petite (think 5’0″ and maybe 120 lbs) and the baby appears to be quite large. She’s had a lot of swelling these past few weeks and they thought she might be hypertensive, but she’s thankfully not. They believe the baby is so big and so low (s)he is restricting her blood flow and causing the swelling. Aside from that at her last appointment she tested positive for Beta Strep. She’s been contracting for weeks and they even wanted to stop her contractions about two weeks ago, but decided not to because of the baby’s measurements, but the baby seems to be quite happy where (s)he is.

She’s at 40 weeks by dates and they’ve decided to induce her before the baby gets any bigger so she will hopefully still be able to deliver naturally and safely.

Adding to all of this, (and I’m going to make a VERY long story, short,partly because it’s not my story to tell in full and partly because I am tired and need to get to bed) my sister-in-law’s mother has apparently suffered a mental breakdown, last Fall she decided she hates my sister-in-law and her brothers (two of them) for atrocities they committed when they were young. Among those atrocities? Crying during teething… She has an entire book for each kid, detailing each and every thing they’ve ever done to wrong her in their lives and she wants nothing to do with them ever again, she won’t get help and her husband is enabling her illness by not helping her to face it and get some kind of help. In essence, my sister-in-law lost both of her parents that day. About two months ago her mother realized the baby’s due date was drawing near. We live in a small town, many people know her and know us and know the situation. So, in an attempt to save face she decided to start calling my sister-in-law, showing up, and acting like nothing ever happened. Not so easy a thing for my sister-in-law to do unfortunately. She doesn’t want her there tomorrow, she doesn’t want to see or speak to her, she can’t deal with the ups and downs along with everything else she’s dealing with. So, no one outside of my family knows the baby is coming tomorrow, including her brothers. It’s a sad, sad, situation and I am praying her mom doesn’t find out and show up at the hospital to make things worse. My sister-in-law honestly can’t take any more stress nor can my brother and I’m afraid it could get very stressful and my sister-in-law will get hurt again, so for everyone’s sakes, I hope she takes the hint when she doesn’t get the call, and doesn’t show up.

So, my tackle for tomorrow is to be there to hold my sister-in-law’s hand and keep my brother calm, to fetch ice chips, to pray, and to do whatever else is necessary to help my new niece/nephew enter the world.

Check back tomorrow evening and I’ll hopefully have a picture to post of our healthy, happy, new addition to our family!


10 Responses to “Tackle it Tuesday – #9”

  1. Atasha Says:

    We will keep the family in our prayers. I will be visiting your blog tomorrow to see the photos of the healthy baby. Everything will be okay.

  2. scrapping Servant Says:

    Good sister… I will pray too.

  3. Terra Says:

    I can’t wait to see baby pictures! I am so sorry she doesn’t have a wonderful mother, that can be the most hurtful thing….

    At least she has your family 🙂

    Good luck, I hope she doesn’t try to break your hand! Be sure to rub the right part of her back! LOL

    Much Love,


  4. Karen Says:

    You may have the best tackle of them all today! What a difficult situation for your SIL, but you are a blessing to be there and help them through the day.

  5. MonkeyKisses - Liz Says:

    OMG there is nothing like it in the world to be there for the birth of your neice or nephew.. of coarse your own children is different.. but it’s so exciting.. I will pray for your SIL… 🙂 Happy birthing day!!!!

  6. Pearls of Wisdom Says:

    We will keep your family and especially sister in law in our prayers. You are such a kind person and I am so glad you brother and sister in law have you. I will check back on your blog for baby pictures we love those. Thanks for sharing. Please stop by for a visit sometime.

    In his endless love,

    Angel Mama ():) Pearls of Wisdom

  7. jdoriot Says:

    Bless your SIL’s heart..I can’t imagine how she feels about her mother’s actions. I too will be praying for all of you there…and I can’t wait to hear and see all about your sweet neice/nephew. We’ll also be praying for perfect kidneys!!

  8. Ribbon Rock Star Says:

    I hope all goes well with the labor/delivery.

    You are a great sis in law!


  9. Jen Says:

    Thanks for visitng my blog. I am touched that you did.

    My sincere thoughts and prayers are with your sister-in-law, your brother and their unborn baby

    Her mohter needs help I pray for her. Its healthy what your SIL is doing by putting up a barrier sometimes we have to. I have been in a similar situation with my parents and sometimes we have to do what is best for us.

    I pray that the birth will be easy and that you will be of help. I congratulate you on becoming an aunty. Bless you for being there for them.

    I will make sure I check back tomorrow evening and in the meantime I will praying for you of you. God Bless

  10. Steph Says:

    I can’t thank you all enough for all of your prayers, support, and comments! It means SO much!!! Thank you all!!!

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