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Thursday Thirteen – #10 April 4, 2007

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Thirteen things I love about Spring and Easter! (I’m sure everyone is doing this but I am truly creatively challenged this week, there are so many things on my mind!) I did throw in Spring though to try to give it a twist! :o)

Spring first…

1. Spring weather in Wyoming is amazing. It’s always unpredictable. Two weekends ago we had 78 degree weather and we were outside working on our yard wearing shorts. Last weekend we were under 3 foot of snow! LOVE Wyoming weather in the Spring!!

2. Nature – I was going to say “new life” but in truth it’s all of nature in the Spring that I love. There’s nothing I love more than Spring babies, lambs, calves, etc… but I also love budding flowers and trees and my very favorite is the return of the geese to the bird refuge down the road.

3. Soccer season – I love Spring soccer season, it gives me the chance to get up and get outside after the long Winter, to be outside, enjoying the kids, and the fresh air is awesome!

4. Sweeps – Spring TV makes or breaks most shows, especially those that are struggling, so we usually see the best episodes of the year! YAY!

5. Spring cleaning – Spring makes me want to get up and get busy de-cluttering the house, the car, the garage, you name it!! The season just seems to fill me with energy and of course there’s the extra hour of daylight giving you that much more time for that Spring cleaning!

6. Spring scents – For me, Spring smells clean, fresh, and sweet all rolled in to one! Since I’m a Yankee Candle fanatic I live for the new Spring scents which I admittedly use year round. Just because it’s not Spring outside doesn’t mean it can’t be Spring inside!!

Now on to Easter…

7. Dying eggs – I love to dye eggs with the kids, Joey is so creative and so enjoys anything we get to do that allows him to express that creativity in new ways, he is always so meticulous and detailed about it and so young and carefree at the same time. It’s such a fun contrast.

8. Easter egg hunts – need I elaborate? If you’ve never watched kids at an Easter egg hunt, you’re missing out!! There’s little I love more than watching them find their little treasures and being so proud they were the ones to find them! Our neighborhood has a big one at the park each year and the city does one as well so we get two big hunts!

9. Family – we always have a family dinner at my Grandma’s house with my aunts, uncles, parents, and all of us kids. I am a sap and I love family dinners, we’re all so busy we only see each other on holidays or special occasions which is ridiculous since we’re all in the same town, but we are just all so crazy busy. Easter is generally the best of them all because the weather is usually nice enough for the older kids (my cousins) to set up an Easter egg hunt for the littler kids (Joey and my nephew are the youngest) and then they have a lot of fun helping the smaller kids find their goodies! Joey and my nephew LOVE their older cousins (12-14 year olds) and the older kids are so busy with their activities and school we don’t see much of them. 12-14 is a great age because they’re still young enough to interact with the younger kids and they don’t see them as just a “bother” they’re just proud to be looked up to and still young enough to get down on the floor and play with them.

10. Easter baskets – I love putting baskets together for everyone. It’s so much fun to find the basket that fits the person and fill it with little goodies that they will love. I also like finding cute baskets I can use around the house to stuff things in to. It really makes “clutter” look prettier!

11. Sunrise service at our church. This is my favorite church service of the year, we hold it outside at sunrise every year, it’s quite serene and lovely, what better way to celebrate God than outside surrounded by His glory?

12. Jelly beans – I am not a fan of candy, I know I should have my “girl-card” revoked, I don’t care for chocolate at all, ever, but I love Jelly Belly Beans and Easter is the one time of the year I let myself eat some! I also saw a show on Discovery today, they showed us how Jelly Beans are made, I am not sure if I am grossed out or enthralled but it was certainly interesting!

13. Easter outfits – Easter dresses are SO cute!!! I am SO excited to have a little girl to dress up this year!!! Joey loves to get dressed up and he especially loves holiday outfits (I’ve heard nothing but this week actually) but little girl Easter outfits? Is there anything cuter??!!

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5 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen – #10”

  1. Dragonheart Says:

    Terrific list! 🙂 Those are all wonderful things to enjoy about spring and Easter. 🙂 It is a wonderful time of year. 🙂

  2. Lynn Says:

    I haven’t tried dying or painting eggs. But I’d love to try and do that activity with my daughter. Nice way to bond. 🙂

  3. jenny Says:

    great list! nice that u are enjoying spring there…i enjoyed spring too but then it’s snowing right now! too bad!

  4. Terra Says:

    What a wonderful, and sweet list! I love it!

  5. Trace Says:

    What an awesome list.. :)I haven’t dyed eggs since I was a kid, and now I am wishing that I’d thought of that! 🙂 The weather there sounds great also! 🙂

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