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Tackle it Tuesday – #8 April 3, 2007

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Tackle It Tuesday Meme

It’s been a few weeks since I posted a t
ackle because I was tackling spending time with my hubby and Spring cleaning! :o)

This week’s tackle is one I’ve been putting off for about 2 weeks. I have no clue why, I just wasn’t in to getting it done so it was a good tackle! I have 7 hedgehog babies and about 20 people e-mailing me a day wanting to know if I have any babies! I needed to get pictures taken of them and get my website updated so I did both today!

My website is at: http://www.cuddlycrittersexotics.com I updated the available hedgehog and available chinchilla baby pages as well as the terms page. GO ME!!

A few of the pictures below:


One Response to “Tackle it Tuesday – #8”

  1. Terra Says:

    SURE!!! Now Heaven thinks she wants (or needs?) a baby! OMG, those heggies are so cute! I want one, I do! (Tell me no!)


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