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Sometimes you just have to put on your big girl panties and deal with it

Welcome to my Ultimate Blog Party!! The theme is "Top 10’s" March 5, 2007

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Ultimate Blog Party

Welcome to my first official post for the Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom! If you haven’t joined in yet, click the graphic above to do so! There’s still time! And can I just say WOW, when I checked in this morning there are 687 participants!!!! HOLY COW!!! Congrats to Susan and Janice on a party that’s obviously a rousing success!!!

In honor of the blog party and to keep things fresh around here I am going to use a “Top 10 theme” with a new one posted each day. Thursday will be a “Top 13” in honor of the Thursday Thirteen meme I participate in. :o) So, please leave me your “Top 10’s” in comments and let’s get to know each other!! I am still getting caught up from the weekend’s festivities so if I don’t get around to visit as quickly as I should please forgive me!


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