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Thursday Thirteen #9 March 1, 2007

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1. I’m feeling bad because I just realized I’ve done a lot of complaining this week! I am tired and my house is a mess, but I have the ability to face my trials and there are those that don’t, so I am feeling quite shamed that I spent any time complaining at all! I really, REALLY, DO love being a mom/wife/homemaker even though I’m tired and a bit overwhelmed. 🙂

2. Elizabeth’s “cold” is RSV. I had a brief panic attack and flashback in the doctor’s office but she was so awesome and reassuring. She just kept reminding me Elizabeth is not Joey. She’s 7 days in to this illness and is improving, Joey was usually in the hospital by day 4, so… I think she actually caught it at the doctor’s office when we were there for her 6 month check up! It just goes to show you can’t protect them from these illnesses even if you avoid going out in public as much as possible!

3. The Ultimate Blog Party starts this week, hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom! How much fun is that going to be??!! Prizes and meeting new people, how cool is that??!! Some have their first posts up already and they have been super creative so far! I am NOT creative, I have no idea what I am going to post! Do check it out though!

4. Joe might have to spend another week in India. Joey is going to be sad about that, he’s really ready for him to come home. He’s been gone 6 weeks now. But, I told him to do what he has to do because it could be worse and he could be one of the enlisted and stuck in Iraq.

5. Who are you leaning toward for president in 2008? Me? I have NO idea! Feel free to tell me who you’re leaning toward and why! 🙂

6. Do you ever wonder if our founding fathers expected our country to end up where it is now? Do you suppose they founded this country thinking in 2007 we would be in the middle of the most expensive war in history, we would have children starving and living on the street, being abused, neglected, that we’d have drugs decaying our society at an alarming rate, and the one I bet would bother them the most, do you think they would approve of the fact that we live in a society that’s become so materialistic a two parent household with a mom staying at home with the kids is a luxury?

7. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

8. We have a hockey tournament this weekend. We’ll be leaving tomorrow evening, I think my nephew is going with us. I might be a babbling idiot after spending the weekend with the two boys! Feel free to stop and share a moment of silence for my sanity come Sunday! 🙂

9. I really dislike “semi-scripted” television shows. Who came up with the idea for these? I especially dislike when you can SEE they’re faking it! UGH!! MTV is the worst at this!

10. I need a haircut. For some reason I put off going to get my haircut for the LONGEST time! I don’t know why it’s just something I put off, I really need to get in and get it taken care of next week. Am I totally un-girly or what?

11. Joey took his book to school and it was a huge hit, he’s very proud of it and his teacher said he’s a book writing fool at school. He is such a funny kid! He’d rather make books and play board games than watch TV or play video games. I swear I had nothing to do with this. I am plum happy watching Disney channel!

12. I have a billion things to do tomorrow to get ready to go. I refuse to leave here without having some things straightened up around here and some kind of control over the beast that is my laundry pile!

13. I will miss Joey sleeping in my bed when Joe gets home. Is that crazy to say? He takes up less room than Joe and his feet are warmer! All in all though I am definitely looking forward to Joe being home. 6 weeks is a long time and I’ve really missed him! You just get used to someone being there, even when you’re not doing anything other than hanging out, it’s just nice to have that companionship.

See you all next week!

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5 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen #9”

  1. The Rock Chick Says:

    So sorry your baby has RSV 😦 That’s tough. One of my daughters had that, too, when she was about 2 months old.

    I feel bad when I complain, too because no matter how stressful things get, I know I am very blessed and I wouldn’t really ever want to change anything. Well, ok, I probably would move somewhere warmer 🙂

    Hope all is good again soon! Happy TT- Jessica

  2. A Special Family Says:

    So sorry to hear about the RSV, glad that it doesn’t seem too serious.

    I agree totally about number 8. I always wonder what the people from yester year would think now, the world war one vetrans….

    People think we have all come so far, but in reality, there are still families suffering. One family living in poverty or violence or isolation in the western world, in our nations that are rich…is unacceptable.

    I can’t get the blog party thing to work!!

  3. Katia Says:

    Oh, I’m sorry about your daughter having RSV! I’m glad your doctor was reassuring, though, and hope she improves quickly!

    As for the 2008 elections… I have NO idea yet. Frankly, I’m still recovering from the 2006 elections and haven’t put much time into thinking about it yet! *laugh*

  4. Wicked Witch Says:

    Obamma all the way baby. Switch Steph, you will love us Democrats! I promise.

  5. Steph Says:

    I am not thinking of switching parties just yet or anything quite that drastic but I am definitely up for a major change this war has taken so much from the economy and the people and we are truly such a nation divided. I am leaning toward Obamma as well at this point. Of course it’s SUPER early so we’ll see what comes out of the woodwork.

    I want to see someone run who will focus on the economy by way of worrying about the people suffering in it, not just the national debt and the amount of money they can apply to a war. I want to see them focus on the poor people in OUR country, the suffering children in OUR country. It’s pathetic that the richest nation in the world has such a high rate of poverty. I am all for eradicating poverty from our own streets before we worry about everyone else. That’s the campaign platform I would truly get behind, democrat, republican, or independent wouldn’t matter, I just want one person to say they are going to focus on the problems here at home!!

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