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Tackle it Tuesday – #6 (A Day Late) February 28, 2007

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Tackle It Tuesday Meme

My tackle originally was going to be very different. I commented on Janice’s tackle thinking mine was going to look and sound almost EXACTLY like hers and honestly feeling some relief at that prospect because I was feeling horrible about the amount of junk, laundry, and dishes that had piled up in 3 days (and believe me, mine is MUCH worse than hers and I’m not pregnant) so I am simply saying I sympathize with her in a big way! I had plans to take my photos and then post, sign the linky, and get busy, well… That all went out the window!! I am a bit thankful for it though, taking photos of my disaster is a terrifying prospect, truly, it’s mortifying. I would surely be nominated for worst mother of the year.

My tackle instead became surviving the day with my very sick baby who is normally just so upbeat and so independent and for the past 5 days has literally wanted to be held every second of the day. She is just so miserable I can’t even explain it. She had(has?) the Croup but she’s not getting better. Of course the ENTIRE town is sick so we couldn’t get an appointment yesterday and have to wait until this morning at 11:20 AM. I am not kidding when I say the entire town is sick, our hospital is diverting patients as of this afternoon because we are full. My mom went to her cardiopulmonary doctor (she has asthma after a serious illness last year damaged her lungs) today for a check up and he said he has 16 inpatients just himself. That’s a lot for a small town doctor. My mom has/had the same crud Elizabeth and I did and she thought she was getting over it. Today was a routine 4-month check up and she failed her breathing tests and is back on meds she didn’t even know she needed! There is a lot of pneumonia in town and I am just praying that’s not what Elizabeth has. She has a very loose cough but no fever today she no longer sounds like a barking seal when she coughs and cries so I think we’ve probably moved past the virus that caused the Croup and the steroids obviously worked, but I think she most likely has a bacterial upper respiratory infection. She slept quite a bit this afternoon but of course she didn’t go down until 3 minutes (literally) before Joey walked in the door. I had just enough time to get his homework squared away and make dinner before she woke up. The dishes are in the sink, two days worth. The worst part of that? I have a dishwasher! I literally can’t put her down long enough to empty it and re-fill it. So… after a completely sleepless night, here I am at 6 AM and I am GOING to do the dishes, straighten things up, sort and start some laundry, etc… I am going to get as much done as possible before she gets up and hopefully I can catch a nap when she naps this afternoon, at some point I have to figure out a way to run the vacuum but I can’t do that with them asleep and if she reacts the way she did night before last, then I don’t know what I’ll do!! Because of my crud my cold medicine hyped me up last night and between the cold medicine and the prospect of my house never getting cleaned up again, I literally couldn’t sleep a wink. I figure I have a good 2 hours before Joey is up and if I’m good about it and sneaky enough**note to self, turn off the alarms so they don’t wake Elizabeth** I might be able to squeeze in one more hour between the time he leaves and the time she wakes up. Thankfully she IS sleeping through the night as always, but I haven’t been able to. I haven’t had the energy to use that to my advantage but I am today. I’ll probably regret it in a few hours, but I am just so distraught over the whole situation I may as well make some use of my insomnia. And, I’d licked my insomnia, truly it was getting better until this week. I just keep reminding myself 8 more days (7 now actually) and Joe will be home. I hope I survive that long, truly I do!! I need to make an appointment for myself as well. My cough and fatigue are lingering. I keep telling myself I’m over it, it’s the remainder of the virus, MOM CAN’T GET SICK, but in reality I think I probably need to get an antibiotic for me as well. I wonder if the pediatrician can give me one?? The thought of two doctor’s office waiting rooms in one day truly makes me want to surround us in plastic to protect us from MORE germs! UGH!!

I’ll update the blog when we get home from the doctor. Please keep us in your prayers today. This is difficult for me because Joey was SO sickly I still have a large amount of anxiety over it. Elizabeth has been SO healthy, I don’t even have her added to our account at the pharmacy! By the time Joey was her age he’d suffered a great deal, so… I am suffering a lot of anxiety over this whole thing, unreasonable anxiety I know, they are two different kids, she is healthy, it’s just a cold, I know all of that in my head, but my anxiety still lingers… I know God will see us through, but I am tired and worried.

Here’s a picture of my angel on a better day, I don’t have a sick picture because that would require putting her down. :o(


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  1. A Special Family Says:

    Hope she feels much better soon!!!!

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