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Vacuum Terror? February 27, 2007

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How do you accomplish a chore when your 6-month-old is terrified of it?? Elizabeth today is all of the sudden afraid of the vacuum! Before today she would simply not sleep through it, but for some reason today it literally terrified her. I am in so much trouble here, my house is SUCH a disaster and she is so very sick and miserable she just flat hates everything! I am praying she feels a bit better tomorrow. She seemed to be feeling a bit better today, she just wants to be held all of the time. I can’t blame her, when I’m sick I want my mommy too! Embarrassingly my parents who NEVER come over here, showed up last night during bath time and I wanted to cry! My house is literally THAT bad!! I know everyone keeps saying “you do what you can do” because I am a single mother for another 8 days (YAY 8 DAYS!!!) and I just literally can’t get the time to do anything! I could stay up all night and do it but I’d still be unable to run the vacuum and then I’d be exhausted tomorrow and dealing with a sick baby is even worse when you’re exhausted. So… I am just praying tomorrow I will be able to accomplish a little something.

Joey and I did get the poor dying plants watered (indoor) tonight, straighten the living room (not a small task it was atrocious), do a very quick run of the vacuum to get up the worst of it before Elizabeth just couldn’t handle it any more, and clean out the junk drawer. Dinner dishes didn’t get done yet, they’re rinsed and in the sink but I haven’t been able to put Elizabeth down long enough to empty the dishwasher and re-fill it and I think I’ll probably just wait until the morning now because I am getting tired and as soon as she’s out I am out. Oh, we also re-hung the towel bar that decided to fall down a couple of weeks ago and also fix the shower curtain because the hooks refuse to stay in place! So really we accomplished quite a bit in a 2 hour span if you write it out! Joey was incredibly helpful!! He is such a blessing!!

I am really struggling with the house right now. My cages are clean, that’s a big deal to me because it’s a health issue for the animals and us if they’re not, but Joe comes home in 8 days and I really want him to walk in to a spotless house and a serene environment and right now it’s anything but. We (the kids and I) are usually so good about sticking to a routine, getting things accomplished, etc… Right now? It’s pure and utter chaos. Bedtimes are later than ever, Joey’s homework isn’t getting done at the specified time, dinner is late, etc… It’s just insane. I am putting it in God’s hands and praying on it. I know He will provide the answer for me if I just give it over to Him.

In return I typed a story up for him. He wrote it and wanted it typed so he can make a “real book”. :o) He’s so in to writing books! He loves it, spends almost all of his free time doing it! I am going to be in trouble in the morning because I promised to print it for him before I go to bed but he did something with the zip drive and I can’t find it anywhere! We typed it on the lap top but the printer is hooked to the desk top so we put it on the zip drive. I have to find that zip drive! UGH!!

In closing here’s Joey’s story (unfortunately it’s the un-illustrated version, the illustrated version is just amazing)! Enjoy!

The Chocolate Zoo

By: Joey Hyne

Dedicated to: My Family

Once upon a time in a little chocolate zoo lived 5 good tiger cubs. Their names were Angel, Nala, Daisy, Lola, and Frodo.

There were also 3 wolf pups, their names were Sugar, Gizzy, and Bitsy.

At the zoo there was a gift shop.

The zoo keepers name was Joey. The zoo had a dolphin.

The zookeeper wrote a song like this.

Yo Yo what’s up

This is a happy day

Come inside this house

Yo yo yo I am happy today


They had a bunny her name was Snowshoe.

The zoo opened.

A family came.

Their names were Joe, Steph, and Elizabeth.

The family saw a tiger out.

The tiger’s name was Angel.

The zookeeper got his tiger cub.

It was bedtime.

The End.


One Response to “Vacuum Terror?”

  1. Wicked Witch Says:

    I use the “I am afraid of the vacuum cleaner” excuse all the time. I dont blame her one bit.

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