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What Am I (continued) February 1, 2007

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To continue I just want to say first I am not so much worried what others think of me but I am sad at how some bloggers choose to discredit those of us who do our adoptions differently or approach them differently. I don’t care what they think of me but I care how what they said makes me feel about myself and it really made me sad to think that in some people’s eyes and hearts any reason for choosing adoption would be discredited. Hopefully that makes sense.

To wrap this up, I just want to say, I am feeling like it’s unfair to discredit anyone’s decision to adopt. It’s not fair to analyze why we made the choice, how we made the choice, how we went about it, etc… We all make the choice for different and very personal reasons and just because we make the choice for the reasons we do doesn’t make us any less of a parent, adopted or otherwise.

I think adoption is a very personal thing, it’s a choice hopefully always made for a good reason and as long as the children involved are entering loving homes with loving families (and I realize that’s not always the case) then why analyze a person’s reasonings? Does it really matter that I didn’t know Elizabeth was meant for me until she was put in my path? How can any of us know what the future holds for us? We can hope that our future will be what we want it to be, but when we’re given the opportunity to take a different path, why should that be discredited?

God has a plan for me. His plan and mine might not seem to mesh at this point, but I know his plan is the right one for me. His plan for me included Elizabeth and Joey and I am so amazed by that each and every single day. If his plan includes more children, biological or adopted, I will welcome it and embrace it. If it doesn’t, I will be thankful for what I’ve been given, the children He’s entrusted me with, and I will make every single second count, isn’t that really all that matters?


One Response to “What Am I (continued)”

  1. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) Says:

    girl – I just want to give you a big {{{hug}}. I just posted a long rambling comment on Part 1.

    Now don’t you ever let these people and their crazy ideas hurt you for a minute!

    NO ONE has the right to make these kinds of judgments on people!

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