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Thursday Thirteen #8 February 1, 2007

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1. The above picture is me! LOL I sit in my recliner with my laptop blogging and checking e-mail and I have blonde hair. If only I was as skinny as the cartoon!

2. I am going out of town on Friday. It’s my first real trip away from Elizabeth and my first trip anywhere in MONTHS. I am excited but of course the weather looks iffy. It figures the one weekend I decide to take a time out from my life, we’d get bad weather. We’ve had no snow all year, but this next 3 days it has to make up for the past several months!!

3. I am out of books to read. Nothing I’m really looking forward to comes out until the middle of this month. I suppose I could read slower, savor them more, but I can’t. Once I start it I have to finish it immediately. I pull many an all-nighter!! I am going to Hastings Friday morning before I leave to see what I can find. I am going to look for something I think won’t keep me up all night and that I can stretch out over a period of a couple of weeks until the books I’m waiting on are released!

4. Joe’s job change has really been the right thing for us! His new boss actually cares what happens to his employees and he went way above and beyond to make up for the travel hassles!! WOW!! Such a rare thing in my experience with this company!! My faith is somewhat renewed!! Also, Joe loves it! He is so happy on the offshore rig and just can’t say enough good about it.

5. Joey is growing up so fast!! He is e-mailing now!! It started with a simple little IM. His dad has no phone on the rig but they have computers and internet (imagine, internet on a big “ship” in the middle of the ocean, it boggles the mind). Anyway, I figured Joe could type to Joey and I could read it to Joey and type back. NO WAY that was going to work! First of all the child can read almost as well as me! Second of all he can do it himself!! It took a while as he hunted and pecked the keys, but he had a BLAST! So, I set him up a Yahoo e-mail account and I am now his ultimate hero. I think the Power Rangers have nothing on me at this moment!! He sent out a mass “here’s my address” e-mail yesterday and had about 8 replies in his box this afternoon. He was SO excited!!

6. Did I mention I am going out of town on Friday?? A whole weekend!! I am going to the Colorado state chinchilla show! It’s a lot of fun and such a great learning experience!! I was a little bummed at first because my ear tagger didn’t get here and to show at this show you have to tag. 😦 But, a couple of fellow breeders offered me extras of their tags and are going to help me work them!! So, I am showing 3 girls (wish me luck it’s my first time actually showing my own animals of my own breeding) and I am nervous and excited all at once! I think I might throw up several times before and during the show! I think I have a pretty good handle on good and bad traits in my Chins, I’ve been to this show before, spoken with different breeders, bought from 20 different breeders, seen the quality differences in my own Chins, etc… but it’s so nerve wracking to think I could find out I know absolutely nothing after 5 years of breeding! I think I would die on the spot!

7. What’s with the weather?? It is seriously WRONG for it to be this cold with this little snow!! I don’t mind the cold, I rather enjoy it, 20 below 0 wind chill is a bit out there, it freezes to your bones even with heat in the house, but if it’s going to be this cold we should at least have enough snow to cover the ground!! We haven’t had a decent snow storm in 8 years. The last good storm we had I was pregnant with Joey. He’s missing out on SO much by not having any snow! He’s never even really been sledding. He does his best to sled when there’s enough snow to cover the grass, but when I was his age we had snow days, sledding, snow forts, snow men, etc… Days when we couldn’t open the door because the snow was so high. He’s not had that experience! This is Wyoming!! Where is our snow??!!

8. I noticed my LilyPie ticker said today Elizabeth is 5 months 3 weeks old. :o( They grow SO fast!! It seems like yesterday we brought her home!! Now she’s smiling, eating baby food, trying her hardest to sit up, rolling over, and I believe before long will be crawling!! She is so much fun right now, so inquisitive, so energetic, she’s really becoming her own little person, her personality is developing every day and it’s so much fun, but it all happens WAY too fast!! Half a year already! WOW!!

9. On that note, our final decree will be filed this month. We can file any time after the 14th. Once that’s done we get her birth certificate and it’s final. Of course to us it was final on August 14th when we were given legal custody, and again on December 12th when the Interlocutory Decree was signed and the judge said it was in her best interests to proceed, but this is the final legal step so it’s equally as important I guess. Truly, in my heart, it was final the day her mother asked us to adopt her, but many could and would argue that point…. Final in the heart is really all that matters to us, but legalities are legalities and a birth certificate and closing this chapter is not to be discredited.

10. Anyone ever heard of the “Putative Father Registry”? I had NO idea such a thing existed until last week! Apparently if you believe you’ve fathered a child you can call the state and give them the details and they will place you in this registry. Then if someone tries to adopt your potential child, they will be required to search this registry first. I think it’s an interesting idea! I wonder how many fathers know of its existence? I am guessing not many! I was curious exactly what “putative” meant so I looked it up. The definition can be found HERE

I didn’t know they were running a check on the registry for Elizabeth’s birth father. We heard about it way after the fact. I am a little sad he wasn’t there. Had I known I wouldn’t have expected him to be there, but a little part of me now wishes he had been in there. I am really torn on this particular issue. The chances of us ever finding him are less than slim. We only have a first name and general description and even the name is probably made up. I am a little sad for her. Biology is a big part of any child and I wonder if she’ll grow up and wonder who and what he is. I suppose we’ll jump off that bridge if and when we get to it. I sometimes lay in bed at night wondering what he’s like. What he looks like, how he acts, what his mannerisms are. I look at her and I can see her birth mother in her. Some facial expressions are the same. Is it natural for me to consider these things? I wonder what of him she has. Not knowing, I most just see her birth mother in her, but I bet if we got the chance to meet him we would see him in her as well.

11. Does anyone else love Super Nanny? I live for her. She has taught me so much! I love her little tips she gives before commercials! With the following her show has, I bet there are a billion “naughty spots” out there now! I know we have one! I love when she goes in to a new house and they have a “naughty stool” or a “naughty mat”. It always makes me laugh when someone has obviously been watching and trying her techniques just like I do! I am considering buying her book. One can never have too many new ideas when parenting!

12. I was told a couple of weeks ago that my son is a bit “socially immature”. I have been pondering that for a full two weeks now. I know he lacks in some social skills. He was literally a shut in for half of his 7 years. We had no choice, any illness could have landed him back in the hospital and I’m not being dramatic when I say it could have been fatal. The pediatricians gave us very few options, keep him home and lock out all sources of germs or spend the next 3 years in the hospital, what choice was there? So now, he’s paying the price for his illnesses all over again. We are really working on it and he’s improving every day, but it makes me sad to think maybe we failed him in some way. He’s such a sweet, loving, kind hearted, and AMAZINGLY smart kid. His “social immaturity” sometimes gets in the way of him being the student and friend he can be. I knew it would be an issue way before he ever entered school, but I also knew at the time we’d just have to deal with it as it came and that’s what we’re doing. I am setting up more play dates after school, and encouraging him to be a little less impulsive and working with him on waiting his turn. That’s his biggest area, he has such a hard time waiting his turn. He’s so used to being the only kid, not having to wait for a chance to speak, ask a question, be heard, etc… it’s been tough on him. He’s making great strides but it’s something we will have to just really keep working on. On the other hand, he’s had only one cold this year, that’s an absolute record!! Last year he’d missed about 20 days of school by now. This year he had one bug at the very beginning of the year, he was down for about 5 days and he hasn’t had a single problem since! He had the sniffles last week and I thought “uh oh” but it never ended up being more than the sniffles. I can’t even tell you how awesome that is!! We are well in to what is normally the worst time of year for him. Every year from about January 15th until April 15th we have really battled, colds, flus, strep throat, ear infections, pneumonia,etc… hopefully the fact that he’s had such a great year means we are well on the way to being past all of that! I am really praying that’s the case!

13. I have a zillion and one things to do tomorrow before I can leave for Colorado. I have decided though I am not going to drive myself nuts over it. I really hate to leave with anything out of place in my house. I hate coming home to things not in place or worse, sitting there thinking what I could be doing at home. But I have decided I will get done what time (and Elizabeth) allows and really do my best to not worry about the rest of it because it will all still be here on Sunday and I can fix it back up on Monday!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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2 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen #8”

  1. Di Says:

    I would qualify my 13 year old as socially immature…and you know what? I’m glad she is more interested in babysitting and “mentoring” my friends’ younger kids than keg parties…which I’m sure are happening amongst her set. If social immaturity means my child survives high school without losing her virginity, getting in some kind of alcohol-related danger or trying drugs, I’m all for it!

  2. Susan Helene Gottfried Says:

    Happy TT! And good luck at the chinchilla show — it never occurred to me that such things happened. Me, who goes to the Cat Fancy show every year and admires the felines.

    I can’t wait to hear about it; I’ll try to make sure to check in early next week.

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